Lifestyle: Wine press dating back 2,700 years discovered in northern Iraq

Archeologists have unearthed the first, and what they accept is the most seasoned, modern wine press in northern Mesopotamia going back over 2,700 years and concurring with a sharp ascent in wine interest among the decision supreme elites of Assyria.

One of the world’s soonest domains, Assyria was situated in the northern piece of Mesopotamia – the majority of advanced Iraq, just as portions of Iran, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey.


“This is a very one of a kind archeological finding, since it is the initial time in northern Mesopotamia that archeologists can distinguish a wine creation region,” said Daniele Morandi Bonacossi, Professor of Near Eastern archaic exploration at the college of Udine and head of the Land of Nineveh Archeological Project in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Uncovered at the archeological site of Khanis, close to the northern Iraqi region of Dohuk, the revelation’s worth lies halfway in its verifiable setting, Bonacossi added.

Assyrian sacred text has recently highlighted an expanded interest in wine, particularly among individuals from court and the more extensive social first class. It was utilized in different stately practices among the rich.

Archaeobotanical remains have additionally shown an extension in grape plantations nearby around then.

“In the late Assyrian time frame, between the eighth and the seventh century BC, there was a sensational increment … in wine interest and in wine creation,” said Bonacossi. “The majestic Assyrian court requested increasingly more wine.”

The revelation incorporates 14 establishments cut into mountain rocks. The upper, square-formed bowls were utilized by individuals to squeeze grapes underneath, extricating the juice which ran off into the lower round bowls.

The grape juice was then gathered in containers, aged and sold for a huge scope.

The site was found by a gathering of Italian archeologists from the college of Udine in participation with ancient pieces experts in Dohuk.

The groups are chipping away at adding the antiquated design to the UNESCO world legacy list.

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