Marlaska insists that no migrant died in Spanish territory after the images of the Melilla tragedy were released

Not one millimeter moves Fernando Grande Marlaska in his form of the June 24 misfortune at the Chinatown line crossing in Melilla. As per official figures, 23 individuals passed on in their endeavor to cross into Spain. As per the Inside, and as the clergyman rehashes any place he is asked, none did as a such in Spanish area. This Tuesday he has demanded that variant once more, after on Monday

FILE – Riot police officers cordon off the area after migrants arrive on Spanish soil and crossing the fences separating the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco in Melilla, Spain, on June 24, 2022. Spain’s prime minister on Monday, June 27, 2022, defended the way Moroccan and Spanish police repelled migrants the week before as they tried to cross the shared border into the north African enclave of Melilla, depicting the attempt in which at least 23 people died as “an attack on Spain’s borders.” (AP Photo/Javier Bernardo, File)

, eight delegates from six gatherings saw the pictures recorded by the robots and helicopters of the Common Gatekeeper that day on the line that turned into a grave for a gathering of transients. Since even the number is vague. The figures dealt with by the NGOs arrive at up to 37 departed, those of the BBC are 24 and what’s more 70 missing are added. Joined We Can demand the requirement for an examination commission upheld by various gatherings. Considering this, Marlaska has shown his eagerness to show up “as the need might arise” and to give every one of the clarifications that are required. In Congress, prior to showing up in the Saved Supports Commission, he has not kept away from the inquiries concerning that day, and has called attention to four issues: It is exactly the same thing that he has kept up with for quite a long time. When the pictures that were shipped off the Investigator’s Office and the Ombudsman were uncovered. The very ones that will arrive at Congress, and that a few representatives have proactively seen. Also, the very ones that media like nius have distributed. The pictures of the Melilla misfortune A few representatives have brought up that the pictures are unfinished, however the clergyman guarantees that they are that way, that they are unedited and that they are the ones that exist. There are some recorded with a robot and furthermore with a helicopter, and to no one’s surprise, not even one of them have sound. With these pictures, the visit to the field and the clarifications got at the Common Gatekeeper Order, delegates from Joined We Can, ERC or Bildu, accomplices of the Public authority, presume that there were passings in Spanish domain, or if nothing else constrained by Spanish specialists. For Marlaska, the pictures don’t uncover that, since they don’t show what occurred in the Spanish region itself. The walls forestall their take-up.

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