Ministry of Culture graduates 15 young people from the Restoration Training Workshop School

Understudies are prepared in electrical and plumbing establishment studios, stonework, carpentry, blacksmithing and manufacturing .

The Service of Culture Graduated 15 youngsters who make up the 10th era of the Puebla Rebuilding Preparing Studio School, which trains – for a very long time – youngsters somewhere in the range of 16 and 26 years of age in customary exchanges focused on engineering mediation.

In his message, the top of the organization, Sergio Vergara Berdejo, featured the work did by the foundation for quite some time, in which it has prepared 385 alumni in nine ages. He said that they become familiar with the Different exchanges as well as bring issues to light about the significance of moderating the verifiable legacy.

In the stonework studio, the alumni were: Efrén Arce Flores, Alondra Elizabeth Hernández Pulido, Karla Angélica Osorio Marce, Avril Pérez Contreras and Luis Fernando Ríos Hernández; in carpentry: Iverson Alexander Espinosa Muñoz and Juan Pablo García Guerrero; in blacksmithing and manufacturing: Jorge Luis Ceja Martell and Giorgio Darío Facchin Vélez.

Under development: Luisa Fernanda Lozano Lizardi, Marco Antonio Melchor Martínez, David Merino López and Berenice Loreli Zacarías Barrera; in electrical and plumbing establishments: Alfredo Báez Ramírez and Francisco Cervantes Cárdenas.

Toward the finish of the preparation, the understudies get a certificate from the Foundation of Preparing for Work of the Territory of Puebla (ICATEP), as reclamation colleagues with a specialty in their preferred studio.

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