Politics: Bombay High Court jolt to Eknath Shinde group as Uddhav camp gets permission for Dussehra rally

Prior, the BMC had denied consent to both the camps to hold a Dussehra rally at the Shivaji Park ground refering to the rule of law concerns. The disagreement regarding the famous setting was then moved to the Bombay High Court

In a significant help to the Uddhav Thackeray-drove group of Shiv Sena, the Bombay High Court has permitted them to hold Dussehra rally at the Shivaji Park on 5 October. It has additionally allowed them to involve the recreation area for arrangements from 2 October.

A division seat of Judges R D Dhanuka and Kamal Khata heard the request on Friday and put away BMC’s structure rejecting consent and guided the community body to concede authorization from 2-6 October.

BMC denies authorization

Prior, the Brihanmumbai Civil Company (BMC) had denied consent to both the Uddhav Thackeray-drove Shiv Sena and the opponent group drove by Maharashtra Boss Pastor Eknath Shinde to hold a Dussehra rally at the Shivaji Park Ground refering to the rule of law concerns. The disagreement about the notable setting was then moved to the Bombay High Court.

The Uddhav Thackeray group kept up with that it would hold the yearly occasion at the Shivaji Park regardless of the disavowal of consent while blaming the BMC for following the BJP’s content.

Custom of Dussehra rally

The Shiv Sena, established by Bal Thackeray, has been holding its yearly Dussehra rally at the Shivaji Park beginning around 1966 aside from the most recent two years of the Covid pandemic, it said.

Agent civil official (zone-2) in discrete letters shipped off the two groups on Wednesday denied them authorization to involve the ground in focal Mumbai’s Dadar region.

Shinde group picks MMRDA ground

The Shinde group had last week got the gesture for holding the convention at the MMRDA ground in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) around the same time, 5 October, as another option.
The Thackeray bunch also has looked for authorization from the BMC to hold its convention at the MMRDA ground, however Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday promised to hold the occasion at the Shivaji Park.

In its letters dismissing the applications, the BMC refered to comments by the Shivaji Park police headquarters that “assuming any of the candidates is conceded consent to hold the convention, this might make a difficult issue of the rule of law in the delicate area of Shivaji Park”.

How everything began

On 22 August, Anil Desai of the Thackeray-drove Sena had applied to the BMC for consent for Shivaji Park. On 30 August, MLA Sada Sarvankar of the Shinde group likewise made a Comparative application.

Following the BMC’s choice, the Bombay High Court on Thursday permitted the Thackeray-drove Sena to change its previous appeal to challenge the refusal of consent. In the first request, the Sena had looked for a course for the BMC to choose its application.

The genuine Shiv-Sena

Sarvankar had likewise recorded an application contradicting the Thackeray-drove Sena’s request expressing that who addresses the “genuine Shiv Sena” was forthcoming under the watchful eye of the High Court, thus, the high court shouldn’t hear or pass any headings on the current appeal.

Senior Backer Aspi Chinoy for Thackeray group said that the subject of the genuine Shiv Sena doesn’t emerge and guaranteed that Sarvankar had recorded the intercession application to jumble the matter. “The magistrate acknowledges on the record that the consent is looked for by Shiv Sena. The point of this mediation application is that the issue here loses center and turns into a political slugfest”, submitted Chinoy, reports Live Regulation.

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