Daughter’s mother is Bipasha Bose

Bipasha Bose and Karan Singh’s house was lit up with a baby girl. The star couple announced that they are expecting their first child last August. 

That wait is over, Bipasha’s arms are full in the Hinduja hospital bed in Mumbai. A few days ago, Bipasha posted some pictures and videos of her pregnancy on Instagram. 

Bipasha wrote there, ‘A new time, a new chapter. A new light added new colors to our lives. Give us a little more fulfillment. We started our lives independently. Then we found each other. Then we arranged life together. But with so much love for just two, things are getting a little unfair. So very soon we will be two to three.’ 

A few days ago, Bipasha told Hindustan Times that they were planning to have a child even before Corona. But after the pandemic hit, they dropped this decision for the time being.

Bipasha fell in love with Karan when they worked together in the movie ‘Alone’ in 2015. They got married the following year.

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