Entertainment: Ram or Taimur, Saif Ali Khan’s son would be just as sweet

However, saif Ali Khan is a decent entertainer. What’s more, he ought to limit himself to on-camera exhibitions as opposed to pontificating on issues that don’t concern him.

Saif Ali Khan thinks he is somewhat of a talker. His discussions are packed with practiced witticisms and his demeanor is that of a man who thinks he is too great to be in any way a Hindi film entertainer. He helps me to remember Shashi Kapoor in both disposition and looks. Yet, he misses the mark on’s appeal. Being totally Westernized Shashi could yet hunch down the ground with the team of his movies and have lunch with them. Saif would prefer to have his dinner on the table, and where is the mineral water please?

However, saif is a decent entertainer. Furthermore, he ought to limit himself to on-camera exhibitions as opposed to pontificating on issues that don’t concern him. At any rate, not straightforwardly. A video where he is heard discussing his child Taimur’s name has as of late ejected on the web uncovering how shallow and biased an entertainer, subsequently a powerhouse, can get when he has no great explanation to be.

In the video, Saif with that combination of grin and gravity that is all his, illuminates the public that he could never have named his child Smash, so why not Taimur?

Goodness! Saif plays Ravan in a film (Adipurush). Yet, he can’t name his child Smash! I can’t help thinking about why! Might it at some point be on the grounds that he is a Muslim? No, can’t be. He comes from such a liberal family. Saif’s mom is a Hindu, his sister is hitched to a Hindu. In particular, his significant other Kareena is a Hindu.

On the off chance that Taimur’s mom is Hindu for what reason mightn’t their child at any point have a Hindu name? Regardless of whether for the wellbeing of contention we say Saif and Kareena’s youngsters should accept after their dad’s religion (which on a basic level, is definitely not a smart thought) for what reason might the kids at any point have the opportunity to be named without bias?

It is startling to really see the kids being named by the dad’s religion. Saif’s most memorable spouse Amrita Singh’s dad was a Sikh. Her kids with Saif are named Sara and Ibrahim. Saif’s second spouse Kareena is a Hindu. Their youngsters are named Taimur and Jehangir.

For what reason mightn’t something like one of those four kids at any point have a Hindu name? Saif’s mom Sharmila Tagore, quite possibly of those most liberal and illuminated lady in India permitted herself to be changed over and renamed Ayesha… Or so we have heard.

Why not Slam or Rahim, Sara or Sudha? Why this stripped presentation of bias in an edified family apparently liberal family? Could we at any point truly point fingers at favorable to Pakistan sloganeers when the informed illuminated Muslim figures his child can’t be named Smash since… indeed, he isn’t Hindu.

The ‘blacklist Vikram Vedha’ pattern via virtual entertainment post-Saif’ Slam page’ is certainly not a befitting answer to extremism. A more solid positive and adjusted compromise in an intercaste marriage is. I think blended Relationships need to have more emphatic accomplices. Kareena ought to pose the inquiry that the country is inquiring,

Why nor Slam, Saif?

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film pundit who has been expounding on Bollywood for enough time to know basically everything there is to know about the business. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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