Galiena among the artists on stage & The season at the Manzoni in Rome Quattrini

Nine shows on the charge, one of which is as yet being characterized, for the new period of the Manzoni theater in Rome, which will open on 30 September and close on 12 June. The first to raise the blind will be ‘The inhabitant of the upper floor’, a parody by Pierre Chesnot with Pietro Longhi and Paola Tiziana Cruciani as heroes. ‘Space’ will follow from 26 October with Paola Barale and Paola Quattrini, an entertainer who with the discourse ‘Today is now tomorrow’ had cut the strip on the stage last May, after the constrained conclusion of the auditorium because of hostile to Covid measures. Last demonstration of 2021 will be ‘Cash, no!’ from 25 November with the couple framed by Corinne Clery and Enzo Casertano, while the new dramatic year will open on 4 January with ‘La divina Sarah’ by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt, deciphered by Anna Galiena and Stefano Santospago. Pietro Longhi will return on January 27 along with Caterina Vertova for ‘Glad birthday, administrator’, while the show that will make a big appearance at Manzoni on February 24th is still to be defined.The season will then, at that point proceed from March 24 with ‘Attractive and unsure’ and the couple at female shaped by Patrizia Pellegrino and Milena Miconi. From 21 April it will be the turn of Marco Marzocca and Stefano Sarcinelli with ‘Two days per week, while the drapery will close on the satire by Roberto D’Alessandro with the team Nicola Pistoia and Enzo Casertano for’ Matrimonio all’italiana ‘. This, as the motto of the bill says, for “the delight of going to the theater”. (By Enzo Bonaiuto)

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