Mithila-Srijit split rumours

Actress Rafiat Rashid Mithila got married to Indian director Srijit Mukherjee in 2019. Mithila was happily married to Sreejith with her daughter Aira from the first family. They were also present on social media. A few months ago, they went on a tour with their daughter.

However, rumors of Mithila-Srijit’s divorce have surfaced in the net world yesterday, Saturday, around the ‘mysterious post’ on social media. Srijit posted a picture of himself and captioned it, ‘No need for anger, no need for blame. There is nothing to prove here. Everything remains the same, only one tree stands on the beach…alone. Goodbye Angelina. I have to say goodbye now.’

Although this is a line from the song Farewell Angelina by John Baez. But why this song is suddenly written by director Srijit Mukherjee on social media? Various analyzes are going on about it.

On the other hand, actress Mithila posted some pictures of herself almost at the same time after Srijith’s post. Mithila wrote in the caption, ‘How do you know that love is true? How do you know that love is fair? How far can you go to find that answer before you know that love is gone?’

Mithila-Srijit split rumoursAt the same time, there were speculations around these two posts. Many have expressed concern, Mithila on the way to separation again!

The actress has been linked with several men in the last few months. Recently there were reports that she was in love with a Tollywood director. However, the director clarified that this rumor is false.

Mithila got married in 2006 with the country’s popular star Tahsan. However, the two separated in 2017. 

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