Television: Amitabh Bachchan says he doesn’t drive his Land Rover to work, accepts he forgets names of roads

The forthcoming scene of Kaun Banega Crorepati 13 will see have Amitabh Bachchan inviting Lucknows Manas Gaikwad in a tight spot. Before he handles the Rs 1 crore question, changed into focuses for youngsters exceptional scenes, the youthful champ will be seen testing Big B on close to home matters.

The 15-year-old will initially stump the whiz by finding out if he drives his Land Rover to work. Entertained at the inquiry, the host will grin to say that while his driver carries him to the set, he drives at times. Ghar ke bahar, aas paas chalata hu (I drive outside my home to local spots).

The Shahehshah of Bollywood then, at that point, proceeds to say that in case he is seen behind the guiding, individuals may group, and take photographs, prompting disturbance in the rush hour gridlock. He adds that he is in any case spotted while he is in transit now and then. Sharing that he isn’t griping, he says, Accha lagta hai, chalo koi toh pehchan leta hai (I feel glad that at minimum somebody is remembering me).

As the crowd howls uncontrollably, youthful Manas guarantees him that is an overall star and everybody knows him. Bachchan then, at that point, uncovers an inside secret saying that it takes him an hour to arrive at the KBC set from his Juhu home, and he follows through with every one of his jobs then, at that point. I answer to messages and messages, every one of the welcomes and byes are done around the same time, he shares.

Manas then, at that point, proceeds to test the Piku entertainer whether he knows about every one of the streets in Mumbai. Intrigued by the inquiry, he uncovers that he doesnt recollect a solitary path around. The host adds, Raaste ke naam yaad nahi hai. Yeh raaste ke kone mein kaunsa shop hai, aur waha se right lena hai, yeh maloom hai (I dont recollect the names of the streets however I realize which shop remains at the corner, and which goes to take).

To observe Childrens Day, Kaun Banega Crorepati is circulating seven days in length exceptional series with kids as contenders. As opposed to valuing cash, they will be granted focuses, which can be utilized by them later on and even addition grants.

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