Television: Sidharth Sagar sent to rehab centre once again, reveals his mother

Back in 2018, Sidharth Sagar disappeared for quite a long time, and when he restored, the entertainer joke artist uncovered how he combat substance maltreatment with a stretch at a restoration community. Nonetheless, it is being accounted for that Sidharth has indeed returned to his old ways.

The entertainer, who as of late showed up in ZEE Comedy Show decided by Farah Khan, was found by the Mumbai police in an “lamentable” state on August 26, announced ETimes. The report additionally uncovered that the police called Sidharth’s mom and educated her with regards to her child’s condition. She got the joke artist conceded to a recovery community once more.

Conversing with the distribution, Sidharth’s mom said she has consistently been around her child to keep him from taking medications once more. “I have consistently been around him and never let him be separated from everyone else, except lamentably I needed to venture out to Delhi for my pet who was unwell and later died. We came here and we got a call about Sidharth. I am yet to sort out what precisely turned out badly,” she shared.

She likewise said that Sidharth is bipolar and has quit taking meds for the equivalent unexpectedly. In any case, the comic had denied it in a public interview two or three years prior. He had then said, “I think about bipolar and I didn’t have any of the side effects and here my folks were giving me drugs by blending it in my food.”

Sidharth Sagar became famous by showing up on shows like The Kapil Sharma Show and Comedy Circus. His drag goes about as Selfie Mausi in Comedy Circus brought him appreciation from the crowd.

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