Than Goodbye it is the beginning of negotiations more Giletti and the farewell to La7.

More than goodbye, see you at the negotiating table for the renewal of the contract. The words with which Massimo Giletti took his leave yesterday at the end of the last episode of the season of ‘Non è l’Arena’ made many think that the journalist intends to leave the station. But well-informed sources – consulted by Adnkronos – tell of another scenario. That of a greeting due at the end of a season that coincides with the expiration of his two-year contract, already renewed once two years ago. And an outcome that is anything but obvious. Read also “This was the last episode of ‘Non è l’Arena’. It was four extraordinary years lived here on La7. I wish you a happy summer. Ad maiora. Thank you”, said Giletti greeting the audience while in the background a significant passage from Vasco Rossi’s piece ‘A better world’ started: “It is not easy to think about leaving / And taking melancholy with you”. A passage that seems to recall the real situation, because at this moment there would be no agreements already reached with other groups or broadcasters. In recent weeks there had been rumors of the journalist’s contacts with Rai2, the network which in fact is the one that most needs to reinforce the proposal for in-depth information. But at the moment there is nothing concrete on the horizon. And it seems even more difficult to imagine his landing on Mediaset or on the networks of the Discovery group. Giletti will more easily negotiate with La7 the renewal of his contract, the culmination of 4 years that have given him not a few satisfactions in terms of audience and visibility.Moreover, Giletti himself, a week ago, had spoken enthusiastically about his relationship with the broadcaster where he landed 4 years ago after about 30 years spent in Rai, when Viale Mazzini decided to cancel his ‘Arena’. In an interview with ‘Sette’ Giletti had said he felt “very” free to La7: “The political battles I am fighting here I could never have fought in Rai. I have never been pressured either by the director or by the publisher. At La7 I carry on my fight against the subculture that amplifies the mafia “, added the journalist who has been living under guard for about a year after the threats of a mafia boss. In the same interview, on the rumors of his possible return to Rai, he had said: “Those who make important numbers are the object of attention, but I always choose with my heart and I will never forget that the day I was burying my father, in January 2020, I felt hugged from behind: I turned around and there was my publisher, Urbano Cairo (president of La7 and RCS, ed). The night before he was in Rome, he made a considerable effort to get to the Biellese area. These things are not forgotten “. It is difficult now to imagine a sudden divorce.

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