Food: Bored Of Sabudana Khichdi? Try These 5 Sabudana Recipes For Your Vrat Instead

We have all kept a vrat (quick) sooner or later in our lives, and more than once sabudana khichdi has been the main alternative that struck a chord. Presently despite the fact that there is certifiably not a solitary soul who doesn’t adore the heavenly dish, it might get redundant to have a similar dish on all vrat days. The vrat food is typically sattvic food, short onions and garlic, the two things that make the foundation of practically all Indian dishes. Presently in case you are fasting, or are considering doing as such, don’t let the shortage of good vrat food debilitate you. Since, supposing that you can’t look past plain and exhausting khichdi alternatives, there are various mouth-watering dishes that can be made with sabudana which are flavourful, hot, vrat endorsed and are definitely going to be a hit.

You can add or deduct fixings as indicated by your enjoying and make these mouth-watering sabudana plans in any event, when you are not on a vrat.Here Are 5 Sabudana Recipes That You May Try:1. Khasta Sabudana Ki Tikki :This lip-smacking tikki tastes very much like the ordinary one and you can combine it with mint chutney for that additional punch. This formula utilizes potatoes, cashew nuts for some crunch and aamchur powder for that road like taste. Peruse the full formula here.

  1. Sabudana Bhel :If you thought you need to totally abandon road snacks this vrat season, reconsider in light of the fact that this sabudana bhel is only the fresh vrat bite that you will not have the option to get enough of. Stacked with crunchy nuts and potato fries, this evening tidbit will be prepared shortly. Snap here for the full formula.
  2. Sabudana kheer :Since a many individuals keep away from rice while on a vrat, this sabudana kheer is only the following best thing that we can consider. The boring surface of sabudana makes for the creamiest kheer, add cardamom powder and some dried nuts to hoist the dish to a higher level. For the itemized formula, click here.
  3. Sabudana Vada :A morning meal or evening nibble top choice, this can be effortlessly made for your vrat desires as well. Stay away from onions and garlic and us sendha namak all things considered, and the delicate and firm vadas are fit to be chomped on. Peruse the full formula here.
  4. Sabudana seekh kebab :The delicate sabudana pearls pounded along with potatoes, grounded nut powder and hot masalas joined with the rich kinds of ghee, what’s not to cherish about this seekh kebab? Attempt this mouth-watering dish at the present time, with this formula here.

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