Health Medicare Skilled Nursing: How To Avoid Getting Burned

Original Medicare gives a few blessings for Skilled Nursing but in case you are not cautious you can pay thousands of greenbacks out of your personal pocket. Before we get started out we need to give an explanation for what we’re speaking about.

Skilled Nursing isn’t always for vintage people stuck at home in mattress

When you’ve got a nurse in your home that assist you get in and out of mattress and feeds you that is called Custodial Care. Medicare does not cowl Custodial Care. Skilled Nursing is inpatient rehab. We are talking approximately Physical Therapy or Speech Pathology in a unique overnight facility here..Now not assist getting dressed. If you need severe treatment to your submit health facility stay you then need Skilled Nursing.

Skilled Nursing is in part blanketed beneath Medicare

Medicare pays for the first 20 days of inpatient rehab. If you stay for extra than 20 days you will have to pay $148 bucks an Afternoon of your very own cash for the next eighty days (2013 numbers). That ought to add as much as $eleven,840 over eighty days. You can address that price with a Medigap plan however that may be the least of your issues…

Medicare might not pay for any of your insurance in case you aren’t careful

Medicare Skilled Nursing will no longer be paid for until you’re admitted to a sanatorium for as a minimum 3 days. That sounds quite Straightforward however you may be burned if you do not study the bullets under.

The day you depart a clinic does no longer count number toward the 3 days. So if you exit the health facility after 3 days it simplest counts as two days and you’ll ought to pay a hundred% of the cost of inpatient rehab.
Hospitals frequently preserve you inside the health facility however you are not officially admitted. It’s called “commentary” whilst you are within the health center and not admitted. You might also never recognize that you were now not admitted to the health center until Medicare refuses to pay for your inpatient rehab because you weren’t admitted for the required three complete days
Steps to ensure you are included for Medicare Skilled Nursing

1) Make positive you are officially admitted to the health facility for three complete days before seeking inpatient rehab remedy. Ask your medical doctor to confirm which you are “admitted” and not simply below “commentary.”

2) Consider a Medicare Supplement plan (Medigap) to pay for the portion no longer protected with the aid of Medicare. Medigap plans C, D, F, F-excessive deductible, M and N all cowl 100% of the $148 day by day copay for an additional eighty days per gain duration.

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