Health: Tetela de Ocampo will receive a day of attention “ISSSTEP near you”

In the “Hermanos Serdán” Clinic Center, situated in Zacatlán, planned medical procedures will be completed, with the goal that patients and family members don’t have to make a trip to the capital of Puebla.

The public authority of Puebla, through the Foundation for Government backed retirement and Administrations of Laborers at the Assistance of the State Powers, will hold the fourth Gathering on Territorial Consideration “ISSSTEP close to you” in the region of Tetela de Ocampo, this Friday, Walk 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., in the organization’s office (3 Norte number 13, Colonia Centro).

As a feature of this day, the recipients will have conferences in the claims to fame of muscular health, pediatrics, gynecology and inside medication, as well as helper sustenance, physiotherapy and brain research administrations.

Furthermore, the Overall Subdirectorate for Financial and Social Advantages will offer types of assistance for association, benefits, retirements, and individual and home loan credits, while the ISSSTEP Social and Social Government assistance Center will do creative exercises for young ladies and young men.

It ought to be noticed that in lined up with this provincial day, at the “Hermanos Serdán” Clinic Facility, situated in Zacatlán, booked medical procedures will be completed, so patients and families don’t have to make a trip to the capital of Puebla.

The public authority of Sergio Salomón, through this Foundation, advances activities that make it conceivable to carry individuals nearer to their key right to wellbeing and social prosperity.

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