Health World AIDS Day 2021 From transmission to prevention, all you need to know

Consistently, December 1 is seen as World AIDS Day across the globe to spread mindfulness about the sickness and recall every one of the individuals who lost their lives to it. It was first seen in 1988.

The topic of World AIDS Day 2021 is: ‘End disparities. End AIDS’. “With an exceptional spotlight on contacting individuals left behind, WHO and its accomplices are featuring the developing disparities in admittance to fundamental HIV administrations,” World Health Organization (WHO) said.

Acquired immunodeficiency disorder (AIDS) is a constant, possibly dangerous ailment brought about by the human immunodeficiency infection (HIV) that meddles with the body’s capacity to battle contaminations. “Aside from the actual sickness, the absence of mindfulness and social restrictions related with HIV and AIDS are additionally demolishing the condition. We should simply to comprehend the essentials about HIV and guarantee our assurance and dispose of these social restrictions,” said Dr Gaurav Jain, expert, interior medication, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital.


“AIDS can spread through numerous sources”, said Dr Aditya S Chowti, senior advisor, inward medication, Fortis Hospital, Bangalore. Further, he recorded the different transmission channels.

*By coming in direct contact with specific body liquids from an individual contaminated with HIV, who has a discernible viral burden. It very well may be blood, semen, rectal liquid, vaginal liquid or bosom milk.

*You can likewise contract HIV by having unprotected sex with a tainted individual, sharing medication hardware like needles.

*It can be communicated from mother to kid during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

*By getting blood bonding or organ tissue transfers that are sullied with HIV.


An evidently sound looking individual can likewise be HIV contaminated, Dr Jain highlighted.

“Once HIV changes over into AIDS then it might introduce in starting side effects like unexplained weakness, fever, bruises around privates or neck, pneumonia and so forth,” he added.

Explaining the indications, Dr Chowti said, “During stage 1, inside 2-3 weeks of getting contaminated, around 66% individuals will have an influenza like disease. You can have fever, chills, rashes, night sweats, muscle throbs, mouth ulcers, sore throat, exhaustion and lymph hubs.” These side effects can keep going for a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

“Stage two, otherwise called clinical inactivity, probably won’t show a specific manifestations. This stage is additionally called constant HIV contamination. It tends to be a long one and may continue for a considerable length of time as well.”

“Stage three is AIDS which brings about the debilitating of the body’s insusceptible framework. Side effects can be fast weight reduction, repeating fever, night sweats, outrageous unexplained sluggishness, enlarged lymph hubs, persistent the runs, bruises in the mouth and privates, pneumonia, neurological problems, gloom, cognitive decline and it can likewise show on the skin as rashes,” he added.


It is exceptionally vital to forestall this lethal as opposed to searching for a fix, Dr Chowti said.

*Make sure you are utilizing defensive techniques.
*Make sure you are not utilizing polluted needles.
*Prevent mother to kid transmission.
*If somebody knows about the contamination in their body, ensure they are on the right treatment path.

“Apart from monitoring new or sanitized needles at emergency clinics, know about new needles at piercing and tattoos shop also. Request that your tattoo craftsman utilize new needles, Dr Jain suggested.

He added, “Pick the arrangement of early tests before marriage which incorporates a HIV test and assists with guaranteeing security from different STDs also.”

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