What is the best time to have sex to get pregnant?

As per Dr Preet Buddy Thakur, it’s likewise fundamental for note that Ayurveda sees sexual energy as an indispensable and consecrated part of human existence, and underscores the significance of moving toward sexual movement with care, regard, and mindfulness.

Great wellbeing and by and large prosperity are fundamental for a satisfying and fulfilling sexual coexistence. In any case, is there a best time for sex to guarantee getting pregnant? Taking this conversation forward, ripeness master Mahesh Jayaraman, focused how most couples select to attempt around evening time after the day’s worth of effort is finished.

“However, Ayurveda and a couple of scholastic examinations have found that sperm include in men might be higher in the first part of the day. Our Ayurvedic specialists feel that it could be because of the nature of a straightforward, supportive great night’s rest. The body might ache for rest toward the day’s end. Along these lines, good judgment can check out here and there,” said Jayaraman.

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With regards to deciding the best time for intercourse, Ayurveda accentuates the significance of grasping a singular’s one of a kind constitution or dosha — vata, pitta, and kapha. These oversee a person’s physical and mental qualities.

While Ayurvedic professional Dr Dixa Bhavsar vouches for evening as “melatonin, an unwinding chemical is high around evening time”, Dr Preet Buddy Thakur, prime supporter, Glamyo Wellbeing said that each dosha has “explicit times during the day when it is generally dynamic and invigorated, which can influence sexual longing and execution”.

“For vata people, the best time for intercourse is during the early morning hours, when vata energy is at its most elevated. Pitta people might find that their sexual energy tops in the late evening or afternoon, when pitta energy is most grounded. Kapha people might have the most grounded sexual energy in the late night or early morning, when kapha energy is generally dynamic,” Dr Thakur told

As well as understanding one’s dosha, Ayurveda likewise accentuates the significance of keeping up with in general physical and psychological well-being. This incorporates eating a decent eating routine, getting normal activity, overseeing pressure, and getting sufficient serene rest.

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