India “Accused A BJP Member”: AAP Alleges Cover-Up After Woman Dragged By Car

The AAP has requested the quick excusal of Vinai Kumar Saxena as Delhi’s Lieutenant Lead representative

One of the denounced in Delhi’s New Year ghastliness, in which a lady passed on subsequent to being hauled by a vehicle through the capital’s roads, is a BJP part, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) claimed today.
Tending to the media over the stunning episode in Sultanpuri, AAP’s central representative Saurabh Bhardwaj said Manoj Mittal, one of the five charged captured for the situation, is a BJP part and denounced Lieutenant Lead representative Vinai Kumar Saxena and senior authorities of Delhi Police of purposely covering this data.

Sharing photos of Mongolpuri police headquarters, where the case has been enrolled, Mr Bhardwaj said ironicly right close to the police headquarters is a storing that has Mittal’s photo and recognizes him as a BJP part.

Answering the AAP charge, Delhi BJP’s media cell head Harish Khurana said police have captured the denounced. The liable ought to be given the strictest discipline no matter what the party they have a place with, he expressed, as indicated by a PTI report.

The AAP, which has more than once conflicted with the Lt Lead representative’s office over a division of abilities to oversee the capital, today requested the prompt excusal of Mr Saxena from the post. “He doesn’t know anything about Delhi. Assuming I leave him at Sultanpuri, he wouldn’t know which bearing Najafgarh is in,” Mr Bhardwaj said.

The AAP pioneer blamed the middle for unloading officials from outside the capital in key posts.

The Sultanpuri stunner likewise incited a new assault by AAP on Delhi Police, the control of which is a significant bone of conflict between the middle and the capital government.

Mr Bhardwaj let the media know that the onlooker, who informed police about the lady being hauled through the roads, settled on 22 decisions, yet the police actually neglected to find the blamed in the act.

Delhi Police have said that the blamed had let them know that their vehicle had met with a mishap, yet didn’t realize that the lady was hauled along.

Destroying this contention, Mr Bhardwaj, “Regardless of whether a polythene stalls out under our vehicle, it begins making a clamor, and we get down and check. Here, a body was hauled for 12 km. What’s more, police are saying the music was clearly to such an extent that the blamed were ignorant regarding it.”

He likewise pummeled Delhi Cop Harendra Singh, who yesterday excused claims that the lady was assaulted and cautioned that those posting such charges via online entertainment would confront activity.

“I’m requesting a test into the rape charges. I challenge DCP Harendra Singh to capture me. Such boldness! Writers are being compromised, compelled to erase tweets,” he said.

The lady, Anjali, was an occupant of Aman Vihar in north-west Delhi. Her mom, Rekha, has asserted lewd behavior. “Her garments can’t be totally detached. Her whole body was bare when they saw as her. I need a full examination and equity,” she said yesterday.

The lady’s post-mortem examination is yet to be directed.

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