Chandigarh: For better yield, Punjab plans sugarcane seed diversification

In front of sugarcane planting one month from now, Punjab government is intending to guarantee around 40% region under one kind of assortment to make the harvest more feasible. This is being empowered as certain assortments, which are being planted for quite a long time, have gotten inclined to certain particular illnesses.

In Punjab there is around 95,000 hectares (2,34,650 sections of land) region under the stick crop out of which around 70% region is under only one assortment of the sugarcane crop and that is CO0238, which was presented in the state in 2005. This assortment plays had a major impact in boosting the pay of the ranchers on account of its high return and better quality which likewise brings about a decent recuperation pace of the sugar stick which helps mill operators. However, of late this assortment has gotten very inclined to illnesses and ‘Pokka Boeing’ infection assault. This illness assaults on the shoots of stick during stormy season when the tallness of the stick is 7-8 feet and splash of medication is beyond the realm of imagination because of its stature bringing about misfortunes to ranchers.

To execute its arrangement in the coming three years, the public authority is currently stressing to build region under new assortments including COPB 95, COPB 96, COPB 98, and CO118 and so forth alongside holding 30 to 40 percent region under CO20238 assortment.

With these new assortments, which are generally early developing assortments, even the stick pounding season can be progressed by one month against the conventional planning of late November.

In Punjab, stick is planted in two seasons — pre-winter and spring — season and it is planted once in the four years as in first year new seed is planted and afterward next two years ratoon crop is utilized and afterward in fourth year new seed is planted. Ratoon yield or stubble crop is the piece of stick left underground in the wake of reaping and it brings about new harvests instead of the plant crop.

In Punjab, sugar collecting begins after November 20 and it goes till March as ahead of schedule, mid and late assortments are squashed in these months.

Stick Commissioner, Punjab, Dr Gurvinder Singh, disclosed to The Indian Express that CO0238 will likewise go at the same time however region under it would be held 30 to 40 percent and comparatively different assortments will likewise be planted on 25 to 30 percent each for supportability of sugarcane development and if there should be an occurrence of assault of any illness on the one assortment different assortments stays safe.

He said that according to the arrangement new assortments of seeds would be ready in the fields of chosen sugarcane cultivators/sugarcane nurseries across the state and appropriated through sugar factories, which have a serious number of ranchers who develop stick for the factory.

Naveen Sharma, a reformist sugarcane seed maker from town Bhoa under the Gurdaspur Cooperative Sugar Mill, is likewise getting ready seeds.

“Utilizing single bud innovation, seeds given by the examination place and seed nurseries are being ready by the ranchers under the direction of the stick office and the rural officials,” said the chief.

He additionally said that with fall planting ranchers can do intercropping by planting wheat crop, which is planted in November, in stick field as wheat is collected in April and at that point Cane plant’s stature isn’t a lot and it likewise supports ranchers’ pay who can take two yields from one field.

Presently, ranchers are taking yield of 350 to 400 quintals of stick for every section of land while the new assortments also have a similar potential. A few assortments like COPB 95 have minimal more yield than this according to our tests in the public authority nurseries and plots.

Dr Amrik Singh, Agriculture Development Officer, Pathankot, said that the cost of sugarcane ought to be fixed at standard with that of adjoining state, adding that horticultural information sources utilized in sugarcane development ought to be given by the Cooperative Sugar Mills on advance premise and apparatus utilized for sugarcane development ought to be given on appropriation premise to support ranchers pay.

At present Punjab has 9.7 percent sugar recuperation rate while it ought to associate with 11% yet it is done on the grounds that some sugar factories go for making ethanol rather than sugar as a result of which normal recuperation pace of 16 sugar plants descends.

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