Chennai: BJP sees link between DVAC searches and Stalin’s poll speech

Tamil Nadu State BJP president K Annamalai on Thursday asserted that an example seems to unfurl in the DVAC look on previous AIADMK priests as the strikes appear to have a “association” to Chief Minister M K Stalin’s addresses in the approach the April 6 Assembly surveys.

Demanding that the ventures at the home of previous neighborhood organization serve S P Velumani could be for political reasons, Annamalai said he didn’t project defamation on the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DVAC) authorities as they were compelled by a sense of honor to complete the pursuits

“Apparently, the ventures at the homes of previous AIADMK priests are being done for political reasons. Indeed, even the general population know about this political feud,” he told correspondents when looked for his remarks.

“Yet, the BJP feels that there is an association between the present ventures by the DVAC authorities and Chief Minister M K Stalin’s addresses during the Tamil Nadu Assembly political decision blaming the AIADMK clergymen for being polluted and guaranteeing activity against them. We should hang tight for the chargesheet to be recorded. Really at that time reality will be known. Then, at that point we will respond,” he said.

Keeping up with that the DVAC authorities ought to be permitted to perform their responsibility, Annamalai said, “we are a party in question. We will remark after the chargesheet is recorded. In any case, communicating remarks presently would add up to constraining the authorities, which we wish to cease from.”

The quests at the homes of Velumani, the Thondamuthur lawmaker and AIADMK fat cat, and his nearby partners, were the most recent activity against the previous AIADMK pastors. He is one of the authoritative secretaries of the AIADMK and the Coimbatore region secretary also.

On July 22, the DVAC specialists started look at the home of previous vehicle serve M R Vijayabasksar who is AIADMK’s Karur region secretary.

On the Tamil Nadu government’s white paper on the state funds during the time of AIADMK rule, the BJP boss, a partner of the AIADMK, said “it came up short on a dream proclamation.” “Measurements can be reeled out by any advisor however authorities and lawmakers vary from them as they have individuals’ government assistance as a primary concern. It comes up short on a dream explanation in transit forward. Government officials ought to include in government assistance legislative issues,” he said.

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