Chennai: Tamil Nadu rains Check dam in Villupuram breaks down for second time in a year

A check dam built across the Thenpennai waterway at Thalavanur in Villupuram region separated on Tuesday in the wake of perpetual precipitation, authorities said.

This is the second occurrence of the dam getting harmed inside a year. The Public Works Department had reestablished a part of the dam that got harmed during precipitation in January this year.

The dam is situated among Cuddalore and Villupuram regions. It has six vents – three in Enathimangalam on the Cuddalore side and three in Thalavanur on the Villupuram side. The dam was built during the AIADMK system at an expense of Rs 25 crore. It was introduced by previous Tamil Nadu law serve C Ve Shanmugam in September 2020.

There was a public clamor when a piece of the check dam in Enathimangalam separated in January, bringing about substantial progression of water into water system channels.

Tamil Nadu Minister for Higher Education K Ponmudi visited the spot on Tuesday alongside District Collector D Mohan and different authorities. Addressing media people later, Ponmudi said, “The Thalavanur check dam was built during the AIADMK system simply a year prior. In January, the opposite side of the dam separated. I raised the issue and activity was started against the specialists concerned. We just ran over a scaffold that was developed 70 years prior and it has stayed solid. Then again, a recently constructed span separated twice inside a year. This is evidence of the AIADMK’s administration.”

Ponmudi further added that a proposition has been shipped off patch up the whole construction at an expense of Rs 15 crore.

“In January 2021, a piece of the check dam on the Cuddalore side got harmed and presently the one in Villupuram has been harmed because of downpour. The part got disengaged from the side bund, which might prompt soil disintegration and water may enter towns. Subsequently, we have asked the Public Works Department to bring large rocks. When we can lessen the stream utilizing these stones, we can put concrete sacks appropriately what’s more and stop the water. We will carry out measures promptly to forestall soil disintegration and protect water. The overflow water can be let out. That is the arrangement at this point,” he added.

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