India: Arvind Kejriwal promises 300 free electricity units, bill waiver in Punjab ahead of Assembly polls

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) boss Arvind Kejriwal Tuesday guaranteed free power in Punjab whenever casted a ballot to control in the Assembly decisions one year from now.

While tending to a public interview in Chandigarh, Kejriwal reported that 300 power units will be offered free to homegrown customers in Punjab and all back payments in power bills will be postponed. “Whenever chose, the AAP government in Punjab will give each family in the state let loose power to 300 units. By doing this, around 77% to 80 percent individuals of Punjab will have zero power charge, he said. He likewise guaranteed a 24×7 force supply in Punjab.

In the entire country, Punjab has the most costly power, notwithstanding it’s anything but a force producing state,” he said. Kejriwal added that Punjab can have the most reduced rates for power if the supposed nexus between the legislators and electric organizations is broken.

Expressing that he had guaranteed a 24×7 force supply in Delhi inside 2.5 long stretches of being chosen as Chief Minister by fixing the transformers and wires in each road, he said that he will guarantee something very similar in Punjab.

Prior on Monday, Kejriwal had tweeted, “In Delhi we give 200 units of power free to each family. Ladies are exceptionally glad. The ladies of Punjab are likewise hit hard because of value rise. In Punjab too AAP government will give free power. We should meet tomorrow in Chandigarh.”

The declaration, that he made on his Twitter handle, came in the midst of endeavors by the decision Congress in state to offer 200 units free power to all families, a key guarantee the gathering had made before the last Assembly races which the gathering central leadership presently needs satisfied in a period bound way.

There have been far and wide fights in metropolitan and country regions against breakdown in power supply. In numerous spots, in country regions, workers of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) have been assaulted by furious ranchers who have not had the option to get the guaranteed eight-hour continuous force supply for paddy planting

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