India: Karnataka Congress Chief Condemns Maharashtra Resolution Amid Border Row

Addressing correspondents here, he expressed, everybody in Karnataka is joined to safeguard the interest of the state.

Karnataka Congress president D K Shivakumar on Tuesday attested that not so much as a solitary town will be surrendered to Maharashtra, as he censured the goal passed in the adjoining state’s council in regards to consideration of Marathi-talking towns here.
He said the entire state is joined on this issue, firmly censures and goes against the goal by Maharashtra get together.

“Whole Karnataka and Congress party emphatically censures their goal about incorporation of our towns into Maharashtra. We express our resistance to it. We are not prepared to give even a solitary town from Karnataka and we don’t need theirs. Our boundaries are fixed and individuals are living,” Mr Shivakumar said.

Addressing columnists here, he expressed, everybody in Karnataka is joined to safeguard the interest of the state.

“It is our obligation to Safeguard Kannada language, our towns and the state. We are prepared to give a wide range of participation on this issue. We go against their goal, we will bring it up in gathering too and the Congress is prepared to move a goal in such manner,” he added.

The Maharashtra council today collectively passed a goal to “legitimately seek after” consideration of 865 Marathi-talking towns in Karnataka into the western state, in the midst of the furious limit question between the two states.

The goal moved by Boss Priest Eknath Shinde in the two Places of the Maharashtra council said the Karnataka assembly had passed a goal on the issue to deliberately fuel the boundary column and denounced the southern state’s stand.

“We ought to be generally joined together and how about we generally together endeavor to safeguard our state’s pride,” he added.

Karnataka Regulative Gathering last week had collectively passed a goal on line column with Maharashtra, making plans to safeguard the state’s advantages and not to surrender an inch of land to its neighbor.

Claiming that the BJP Priests there in Maharashtra raked up this issue first at the hour of decisions, as a feature of a scheme, and they host been joined by different gatherings there now, Mr Shivakumar said, “there is BJP at the Middle, state and in Maharashtra, for their legislative issues, they are supporting things like this.”

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