Lucknow: Out on bail, SP leader Azam Khan says inspector in jail warned of ‘encounter’

Samajwadi Party pioneer Azam Khan guaranteed that a monitor had cautioned him in prison that he could get experienced after his delivery. The Supreme Court has as of late conceded him bail in a land-getting case.

Addressing correspondents in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur on Sunday, Khan said, “When an investigator can compromise in the prison, ‘go underground, you have a few bodies of evidence against you, you can get experienced,’ then, at that point, despite such risks, it is challenging to say where I am going.”

The Rampur MLA, who was in jail throughout the previous two years, left Sitapur prison on Friday morning. A day prior to, the Supreme Court conceded him bail practicing its unique powers under Article 142 of the Constitution as it hailed the “unconventional” conditions of the matter.

“Azam Khan was in prison following 81 bodies of evidence held up against him. In the wake of getting bail orders in each of the 81 cases, Azam Khan was delivered today morning,” Sitapur locale prison director Suresh Singh.

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