Ministry of Health will improve medical care for the highly marginalized population

Thus, it seeks to preserve the well-being of the population, as well as prevent diseases, monitor them and care for the people of Puebla who do not have first-level medical units close to their homes.

As part of the Strengthening of Medical Care Program, the Ministry of Health will improve the provision of its service in order to prevent diseases and attend to medical needs in localities of high and very high marginalization of the Puebla entity, thanks to the fact that the Institute of Health for Well-being (INSABI) delivered 10 equipped vans to the agency to replace those that are deteriorated.

This was stated by the Secretary of Health, José Antonio Martínez García, when specifying that these vans will have a general doctor, a nurse and a promoter, who will provide care to the residents of 62 highly and very highly marginalized localities, belonging to 10 municipalities, directly benefiting 17,531 people, of which 12,240 are indigenous population.

Likewise, he stressed that this is offered to preserve the well-being of the population, as well as prevent diseases, monitor them and care for the people of Puebla who do not have first-level medical units close to their homes.

In this sense, Martínez García explained that in these units they will serve with quality and warmth, for which he called on the inhabitants to be attentive when this service arrives in their communities.

ZacatlanYehuala Ocampo Tetelacarreragco quimixtlanSan Juan Tlalpan
cuautempantotocuautla Ocampo TetelaTecuanta chichiquilathe trenches
cuautempanTecapagco Ocampo Tetelatepexacatl chichiquilaAmaxochitla
Tepetzintlatlaquimpa Cuetzalan del Progresopahuatahu chichiquilatizapa
Tepetzintlakoako Cuetzalan del Progresocuauhtapanalloyan chichiquilaacalocotla
Tepetzintlachachayoquila Cuetzalan del ProgresoTecoltepec chichiquilaTepehuacan
Ocampo Tetelatalcozaman Cuetzalan del ProgresoCoapan chichiquilaboat
Ocampo TetelaTecuicuilco Cuetzalan del Progresocumono chichiquilaxala
Ocampo TetelaAttention East Tuzamapan de GaleanaHuitziltepec Ixcamilpa de Guerrerocuatlaxtecoma
Ocampo Tetelachalahuico chichiquilaThe rosary Ixcamilpa de GuerreroThe Strawberry
Ocampo TetelaAtenti Poniente (Atenti Arriba) quimixtlangreen Cross Ixcamilpa de Guerrerotlanipatla
Ocampo Tetelaeloxoxtla quimixtlanhigh star Ixcamilpa de GuerreroSan Miguel Ahuelitlalpan
Ixcamilpa de GuerreroSouthern Boundaries eloxochitlanatiocuabtitla Vicente GuerreroPrairie
Ixcamilpa de Guerrerocuaguexquitepec eloxochitlanField New One Vicente GuerreroCaporalco Buenos Aires
Ixcamilpa de Guerrerothe organal eloxochitlanNew Field Two Vicente Guerrerocoxcatepachapa
Ixcamilpa de GuerreroBuena Vista de Zapata ajalpanachichinalco Vicente Guerrerocuajca
ChiautlaQuetzotla (San Miguel) coyomeapanXochiapa Vicente Guerrerohill beams
AtexcalSanto Tomas Otlaltepec San Sebastian TlacotepecTecolotepec   
AtexcalSan Lucas Teteletitlan San Sebastian TlacotepecOvatero and Atexaca   
AtexcalLas Lechuguillas Ranch coyomeapantecuantiopa   
AtexcalSolidarity Colony San Sebastian Tlacotepecfree   
eloxochitlanatexacapa San Sebastian TlacotepecZesecapa   
eloxochitlanTepetzala San Sebastian TlacotepecTepexi   
eloxochitlantepeticpac San Sebastian Tlacotepecpapalocuautla   

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