Ministry of Labor promotes vacancies in tourist destinations

With special recruiting, the agency links job seekers with hotel and service companies .

Through special recruitment, the Ministry of Labor (ST) has served more than 3,400 people interested in different positions in the hotel and service sector in tourist destinations such as the Riviera Maya, Los Cabos, Punta Mita, so far this year. Banderas Bay, among others.

The head of the agency, Gabriel Biestro Medinilla, reported that in coordination with the National Employment Service (SNE) during the year 56 recruitments were made for hotel, transport and service companies, thus expanding the offer that the job market has. state job. 

He explained that these companies have shown interest in recruiting workers from Puebla, which is why they request special recruitment at least twice a month in the entity where they offer jobs with legal benefits, food vouchers, life insurance, uniforms, food and including supported housing.

Biestro Medinilla highlighted that these recruitments are special because companies request them on specific dates and on average they offer more than 100 vacancies in each call for national and international chains such as Grupo Barceló, Hilton, Iberostar, Palladium Hotel Group, Punta Mita and Mobility ADO with salaries ranging from 5,500 to 20,000 pesos per month.

Those interested in finding out about special recruitment can consult the page, on the social networks Twitter: @SNEPueOfi, Instagram: @SNEPueOfi and Facebook: SNEPueOfi or at the offices of the unit located in Callejón de 10 North 806 Paseo de San Francisco, “El Alto” ​​neighborhood.

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