Mumbai: Financial crisis pushes national bravery awardee to work as daily wager

Nadaf Ajaj Abdul Rauf, 20, was among the 18 young people to be congratulated by the President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi with National Bravery Award for saving two young ladies from suffocating in a water repository at Nanded in April 2017.

That was in January 2018. After one year, monetary emergency constrained him to take up function as a day by day wage worker, similar to his dad and sibling.

“I began functioning as a worker in 2019 alongside my dad and sibling to set aside cash for my sister’s wedding and to finance my own investigations. I was a science understudy and the focal government had repaid my school charges in class 11. Be that as it may, for class 12, my family couldn’t pay the expenses on schedule thus I was unable to get a confirmation,” Ajaj, a Pardhi occupant, disclosed to The Indian Express.

In 2020, Ajaj at long last figured out how to get confirmation at an expressions school and passed class 12 this year with 82% imprints. He presently tries to join the Maharashtra Police power as an official.

“In the event that the Zilla Parishad authorities can help me get a respectable line of work, I can subsidize my own examinations till graduation. At the present time, I function as a worker for just Rs 300 every day,” he said.

Reviewing the occurrence of April 30, 2017, Ajaj said he had spotted four young ladies suffocating in a repository at Pardhi town in Nanded area’s Ardhapur taluka. Without even batting an eye, Ajaj, then, at that point just 16 years of age, had hopped in to save the young ladies. While he had figured out how to pull out two of them, Tabassum and Afrin, different young ladies couldn’t be saved.

As per Ajaj’s dad Abdul, who lost his agreement employment as a Home Guard in 2016, the nearby Zilla Parishad had granted Ajaj Rs 40,000 through crowdfunding to see the value in his thrill seeker represent saving the two young ladies. Authorities, he said, had additionally orally vowed to get a new line of work for Ajaj once he finished class 12 and a house under an administration conspire.

“In the midst of the pandemic, we couldn’t look for some kind of employment or good wages. Many individuals had approached offering assistance to show their appreciation then, at that point (in 2018), however presently we don’t have their contact numbers,” Abdul, who functions as an every day bet in homesteads and nearby business sectors with his two children, said.

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