News Mumbai: Juhu residents to double up as ‘police mitra’ to help cops prevent mobile snatching

In a bid to stop instances of burglaries and snatchings in Juhu, police have roped in 23 neighborhood occupants as volunteers who might fill in as “police mitra” and help the power nearby.

Wearing T-shirts given to them by the Juhu police, these “police mitra” or “companions of the police” will be sent at deliberately found nakabandis (designated spots) and help the cops as they stop vehicles and investigate the reports, police said.

Shashikant Mane, senior police reviewer of Juhu police headquarters, said as Juhu is an upmarket region with numerous superstars from the Indian entertainment world as its occupants, it is a favored spot for burglars and snatchers who please bicycles from various pieces of the city with the aim to take expensive portable phones.What makes their work simpler is that Juhu and JVPD regions have more than 40 paths, which they can use to get away, police said.

Somewhere around three instances of grabbing of top of the line cell phones have been accounted for this year from Juhu.

Remarking on the “police mitra” drive, Mane said, “I have utilized this drive in the past too when I was at Sahar police headquarters. In addition to the fact that it helps police with extra labor, it additionally makes sufficient mindfulness and sharpness among neighborhood inhabitants to guarantee

such snatchings are forestalled.”

Mane said the police division is intending to congratulate the volunteers who accomplish honorable work.

The volunteers have been furnished with rules and a bunch of customs, and will be relied upon to work for a few hours consistently in the evening for the following one month after which a survey exercise will be done, said police.

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