News Tsunami : Is The Tsunami The Tip Of More Natural Disasters On The Way?

During the beyond couple of days, news is coming in about the tidal wave that hit southeast Asian countries and the destruction it has caused.

The world is currently wrapped in a profound Bitterness and there is a far reaching out pouring of compassion toward the casualties of this fiasco.

There is gossip flowing in specific circles that numerous widely acclaimed space experts and knowledge organizations of the world have motivations to accept that the following 10 years will be crammed with cataclysmic events like quakes, volcanic emissions, floods, cyclones, typhoons and different catastrophes.

As per a few reputed secret, logical reports (as of now being avoided people in general for clear reasons), these fiascos will be encouraged by the section of an unexplored world “planetary body” from space.

This “planet” has been referred to different names as “X-planet”, “Vulcan”, “twelfth planet” and others.

It is trusted that the section of this “planet” into our nearby planet group will upset the circle of our planet and consequently trigger the previously Mentioned catastrophic events.

It is likewise accepted that every one of these have occurred before in the previous history of our planet and that it is presumably the significant reason for the obliteration of past human progress.

No one, including stargazers, can vouch without a doubt on the off chance that these catastrophic events will happen or not. It might simply be logical hypothesis. Ideally, they won’t happen and the world will be saved from additional super normal disasters and languishing. “Armageddon be no more!”

Yet, in the event that they happen, clearly, every one of the world economies will be hit hard and may implode. Frameworks in the significant urban areas will implode; web, phone and television correspondences will be upset, as well as air and land transportation.

Numerous seaside urban areas, properties and their kin will be cleared away into the sea. Around a billion people could die and trillions of dollars worth of stock resources will vanish.

Up to this point, the Indian sea tidal wave has left 5 million casualties destitute, 500,000 truly harmed and around 150,000 dead.

The US government and President Hedge are to be lauded for sending more huge number of dollars (such a long ways about $350 million bucks) in help and for stick heading the aid project.

Secretary of state, Mr. Colin L. Powell, and President Shrub’s sibling, Gov. Jeb Shrub of Florida, have left yesterday for Asia.

Secretary General of UN, Mr. Kofi Annan is planned to withdraw today to visit the hardest-hit locales and to go to the meeting of Southeast Asian countries occurring in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Numerous nations of the world, magnanimous associations and, surprisingly, individual US residents have been accounted for to be right now endeavoring to raise assets and help.

Around 40 nations of the world have promised $2 billion bucks in help and more might be pouring in from additional nations.

I have likewise perused that Aol individuals have raised about $5 million bucks commitment in help.

Sandra Bullock has given $1 million bucks, and maybe different entertainers, entertainers, tycoons and very rich people will emulate her example.

Huge hearted Americans are flooding the magnanimous associations with gifts. The aggregate sum from private and individual Americans is currently about $200 million!

Up to this point, Red Cross has gotten $79 million, American Jewish World Administrations about $2 millions, and Oxfam $12 million.

American Broadcasting companies are likewise arranging extraordinary asset drives to add to the aid ventures.

Allow us to trust that these money and helps will arrive at the planned casualties in Southeast Asian countries and help to facilitate their sad situations.

As of now, you as an individual, might be a casualty of an alternate sort of tidal wave. You might be wrestling with wellbeing, monetary or financial wave.

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