News West Bengal BJP chief Sukanta Majumder detained on way to Mominpur, Ekbalpur in Kolkata

West Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumder was halted and confined by the police while he was en route to the impacted areas of Mominpur and Ekbalpur. He has been confined in the focal lock-up at Lalbazar

The head of the West Bengal unit of the BJP was arrested by the police following the common mobs in the Mominpur and Ekbalpur areas of Kolkata on SUnday night.

West Bengal BJP president Sukanta Majumder was halted and kept by the police while he was en route to the impacted region. He has been kept in the focal lock-up at Lalbazar.

The dentention of Sukanta Majumder drew moment judgment from the BJP.

“Disgrace !!! To hide the despicable Mominpur savagery where no one will think to look, @MamataOfficial has requested @KolkataPolice to capture @BJP4Bengal President @DrSukantaBJP at Chingrighata en route to Mominpur. Attempt however much you can, yet you can’t stop BJP,” Head of the Resistance Suvendu Adhikari tweeted.

The Kolkata police said in an explanation that 10 individuals have been confined for addressing. Countless police staff have been conveyed in the impacted region.

Area 144 forced in Mominpur, Ekbalpur
Following the shared brutality on Sunday night Segment 144 has been forced in the Mominpur and Ekbalpore areas of Kolkata. Accordingly, social events of at least four individuals have been restricted in these mutually touchy regions.

Collective viciousness had broken out between two networks in the abutting areas of Mominpur and Ekbalpur of Kolkata on Sunday night. A few vehicles were vandalized and set ablaze.

BJP pioneer and Head of Resistance Suvendu Adhikari has composed a letter to Association Home Pastor Amit Shah and the Legislative leader of West Bengal in regards to this, requesting prompt activity. He has engaged the Service of Home Issues to convey focal powers in the viciousness hit region.

Discussion over banner showcase
As per reports, there was mutual strain in Mominpur since Saturday. A question purportedly began once again the showcase of shared banners on the event of Milad-un-Nabi. Viciousness emitted on Sunday. Episodes of defacing, stone pelting and bomb tossing were accounted for. A few vehicles were harmed.

An enormous number of police faculty were conveyed late around evening time and the Ekbalpur police headquarters region was cordoned off. Fast Activity Power (RAF) has likewise been conveyed.

Hindus being gone after: BJP
West Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar has affirmed that vehicles and shops of Hindus have been vandalized in Mominpur.

“To no one’s surprise, this time likewise Boss Priest Mamata Banerjee isn’t making any move against those mindful and they have been given a free hand,” he tweeted.

“Hindus are relocating, their homes are being gone after in Mayurbhanj, Kolkata Port. The police is observing this quietly. The circumstance is serious. The CM is permitting the torment against Hindus.”

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