Offbeat: For Anand Mahindra’s Latest Twitter Quiz, A Tractor Replica Reward

The industrialist likewise shared photographs of a little copy of the farm vehicle and offered it as a gift to whosoever responds to his inquiries right

Industrialist Anand Mahindra has, on a few events, displayed his capacity to intrigue the Web with one of a kind virtual entertainment posts. Today, he shared a video of Mahindra work vehicles and Requested that his supporters surmise which country it was from. He even guaranteed a prize for the primary individual to accurately respond to it.

The video shared by Mr Mahindra on Twitter shows a few red variety farm haulers arranged on a side of the road. A scene could likewise been a ways off.

“These are Mahindra Farm trucks obviously, yet which nation is this?” the Mahindra Gathering executive asked on Twitter. Close by the clasp, he likewise shared photographs of a smaller than normal reproduction of the farm vehicle that he proposed to give as remuneration.

I’ll send the main individual with the right response a scale model farm truck displayed in the going with pic,” he composed.

At the hour of composing this, the clasp amassed almost 3 lakh sees on Twitter and provoked clients to think of a whirlwind of reactions.

“Anand Sir, this is “Germany”. It’s an occasion to praise the pre-winter Ernte (“gather”), as well as show Appreciation to God and individuals working in Landwirtschaft (“farming”). Individuals who are in a situation to do so are likewise urged to provide for poor people,” composed a client.

One more gotten it very well may be South Africa.

Some appeared to be excessively sure and explicit with their responses.

Many called attention to the famous Oktoberfest celebration in Germany.

“Germany. Regardless of whether the response is off-base I want this sir,” composed a client.

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Anyway, where do you suppose the video is from?

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