Pune: RTPCR not mandatory for those fully vaccinated to enter Pune

No RTPCR report is required for those meeting Pune from outside Maharashtra on the off chance that they have taken the two portions of the Covid immunization, as per a reconsidered request from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). For other people, who are as yet anticipating inoculation, a RTPCR report — not more seasoned than 72 hours — is compulsory or they should isolate for 14 days subsequent to entering the city.

Business foundations, including shops and cafés, have been coordinated to guarantee their staff is immunized with the two portions.

“It has coordinated every one of the business foundations including shops, workplaces, modern units, cafés, bars and shopping centers to guarantee all its staff is vaccinated with two dosages and afterward license them at the working environment following 14 days of requiring the subsequent immunization. The data identified with immunization of each staff alongside their antibody testament ought to be kept fit to be displayed on request by the assigned official,” said the request endorsed by city magistrate Vikram Kumar.

From August 15, the PMC has permitted the business exercises, including shops and shopping centers, rec centers, salons, health focuses, to run till 10 pm as against the previous choice of 8 pm. Private associations and modern units that have completely immunized their staff are being allowed for in-house activity with full limit.

The PMC has likewise loosened up the limitations for wedding services. A limit of 200 people can go to relationships occurring in open ground or grass while 100 people are permitted in shut premises like marriage corridors or inns. In any case, it ought not cross 50% of the genuine sitting limit of premises.

“It is important to do the video recording of the capacity and show it to the assigned official on request to confirm whether the Covid rules are followed during the capacity,” the request said, adding any infringement would prompt activity against those abusing it and the proprietor of the premises.

Likewise, indoor arenas are open for select games relying on the prerequisite that all the staff and the players are allowed section solely after 14 days of the two portions.

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