Ramdas Athawale: Will speak to Vijay Rupani about atrocities against Dalits in Gujarat

Association Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Ramdas Athawale, during his visit to Gujarat on Saturday, said he will address Chief Minister Vijay Rupani about the abominations occurring against Dalits in the state.

“In contrast with different states, the advancement in Gujarat is better,” Athawale said during his association with media people at circuit house.

At the point when requested his viewpoint on the episodes from monstrosities over Dalits in Gujarat, he said, “The endeavor from our administration is to give equity to everybody. Indeed, even today, outrages are submitted on Dalits the nation over casteism actually exists… If a Dalit wears great garments, individuals don’t care for it. On the off chance that a Dalit rides a pony for his marriage, it isn’t preferred by others. Same is the situation, if a Dalit purchases property. Yet, the endeavor of our administration is to change the present circumstance.”

I have looked for time to meet the main priest. Our party is submitted about securing the privileges of Dalits. I will talk the main clergyman in the event that anything unique should be finished in regards to outrages,” he added.

Recently, The Indian Express had detailed with regards to instances of monstrosities where a Dalit man in Viramgam was assaulted for wearing a mustache in May 2021. A Dalit RTI extremist was hacked to death in Bhavnagar in March, Dalit rancher was attacked over land debate in July and a wedding parade of a Dalit Army jawan was pelted with stones as he rode a pony in Banaskantha area in February, 2020.

Discussing the forthcoming Assembly decisions in Gujarat, Athawale said his Republican Party of India will be lining up with the BJP for the races. “The endeavor will be to get a greater number of seats than last time,” he said.

The association serve said he was actually against incorporation of Patidars of Gujarat under the OBC classification. “They can’t be incorporated among OBC, yet an alternate classification can be made for themselves and given reservation,” Athawale said.

The clergyman additionally said that his political partner, the BJP will be winning the impending state get together races in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa. “BJP is coming to control in four of the five states. In Punjab, BJP was at that point not in power and their union with SAD is broken. In any case, on the off chance that you leave, Punjab out, BJP will come to control in different states,” he added.

Discussing the analysis of the NDA government on the issue of privatization, Athawale said, “Congress party began privatization. They drove the privatization drive under the administration of previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Along these lines, it isn’t all in all correct to denounce our administration.”

Responding to the remark made by Athawale in regards to exclusion of Patidars in OBC classification, vice president serve Nitin Patel, while addressing media people later in the evening, said the choice to remember a local area for the OBC list presently lies with the state governments.

“As of late, according to the law passed in the Parliament by the Government of India, any state government can incorporate any position or local area inside the OBC list subsequent to directing a study,” Patel said.

Gujarat government need not stress over any comments made with regards to a local area from Gujarat by a pioneer or individual from an external perspective,” he said adding that the standards and cycle for directing the review for incorporation of networks inside OBC list is on the way from the Center.

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