Second suspect arrested in string of NYC gay bar robberies that left 2 dead

A subsequent suspect was captured and accused of homicide regarding a line of medication worked with burglaries of men who visited gay bars in New York City that included two passings, two senior policing told NBC News on Monday.

Robert Demaio, 34, was accused of homicide, burglary, excellent robbery, fraud and trick regarding the passing of John Umberger, a 33-year-old political expert, and in a different episode in which a unidentified casualty didn’t bite the dust, the authorities said.

Umberger and Julio Ramirez, a 25-year-old social laborer, were both found dead subsequent to visiting gay bars in Manhattan’s Damnation’s Kitchen area the previous spring. Both had left the bars with something like one obscure individual before their financial balances were depleted of thousands of dollars utilizing facial acknowledgment access on their telephones, as indicated by their relatives.

Last month, the clinical inspector’s office controlled their demises as manslaughters brought about by a “drug-worked with burglary.” Different medications were tracked down in their frameworks, including fentanyl, lidocaine and cocaine.

John Umberger.Linda Clary

The two policing said that police got security film showing Demaio and Jayqwan Hamilton — one of three suspects police have named in association with the murders of Umberger and Ramirez — entering and leaving Umberger’s impermanent home in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Through a court order, police likewise recuperated two recordings from Demaio’s telephone that showed Demaio at the site of Umberger’s passing, the authorities added. In one of the recordings, as per the two authorities, Umberger gives off an impression of being oblivious, lying face up on a bed at his impermanent New York City home.

“It says a lot of the mercilessness of these individuals,” Umberger’s mom, Linda Clary, said of the recordings. “That is the very thing that I see as extremely alarming and why I don’t believe these individuals ought to be permitted to be among us.”

Demaio’s detainment follows the capture of Jacob Barroso on Saturday. Barroso, 30, was accused of homicide, burglary, excellent robbery and connivance regarding Ramirez’s passing and in a different episode where the casualty made due, police said Sunday.

Barroso was summoned on Monday in Manhattan Criminal Court on murder and burglary accusations. He argued not blameworthy and the adjudicator set bail at $3 million.

“We mean to battle this case enthusiastically,” his lawyer, David Krauss, said.

On Friday, police said they trust Demaio, Barroso and Hamilton, are among those liable for a more extensive “citywide theft design” that incorporates something like 17 casualties. The occurrences — which incorporate Ramirez’s and Umberger’s burglaries and passings — happened between Sept. 19, 2021, and Aug. 28, 2022, the representative said.

An extra suspect was summoned Monday evening on burglary, fantastic robbery, and data fraud accuses in association of the series of burglaries. Andre Butts, 28, was caught on reconnaissance video buying tennis shoes with Ramirez’s charge card, as per investigators from the Manhattan Lead prosecutor’s office. Butts, who was captured on Friday and argued not liable, is being hung on $100,000 bail subsequent to attempting to escape during his capture, investigators said.

Butts’ arraignment follows last week’s procedure against Shane Hoskins who was summoned on crime burglary and fraud accuses in association of similar series of thefts.

A prosecution naming Hoskins, 31, and four other unidentified co-plotters illustrated an example where casualties were “debilitated to the degree that their capacity to see occasions became decreased,” so the suspects could then take their casualties’ cellphones and Visas and utilize the actual cards and data put away on the casualties’ telephones to move cash to themselves and make buys.

More on the New York City gay bar passings and burglaries
NBC News has spoken with a few gay men who said they endure comparable occurrences from December 2021 to October 2022.

The New York City Police Division recently affirmed to NBC News that there are different gatherings of crooks perpetrating these sorts of violations against men visiting the city’s gay bars. Police likewise said that equivalent wrongdoings were being perpetrated against benefactors of bars with practically no LGBTQ association.

One separate gathering is associated with perpetrating comparative wrongdoings on 26 casualties, two policing told NBC News last week. Style originator Kathryn Marie Gallagher, whose demise in July was controlled a medication worked with murder by the clinical inspector’s office, was one of the ensuing gathering’s casualties, the authorities said.

Last week, the New York City clinical analyst’s office likewise affirmed that it is exploring “a few extra passings in comparable conditions” to those of Ramirez and Umberger. It is hazy, in any case, on the off chance that they were found dead subsequent to visiting gay bars or whether they were associated with Demaio, Barroso and Hamilton.

A representative for the clinical inspector’s office said they “couldn’t remark further because of the continuous criminal examinations.”

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