SEGOB trains municipalities in Document Management and File Administration

The Secretary of the Interior, Ana Lucía Hill celebrated the response to the call, as well as the commitment and interest of the mayors to comply with the provisions of the General Law on Archives .

With the objective of professionalizing and improving the capacity of action of the municipalities, the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB), through the General Directorate of the General State Archive, carried out the second introductory mass training on the subject of “Document Management and File management. Generalities for the implementation of the Institutional Archives System”, to promote an archival culture, as well as accountability and transparency.

During the closing event, the Secretary of the Interior, Ana Lucía Hill Mayoral celebrated the response to the call, as well as the commitment and interest of the mayors to comply with the provisions regarding the General Law on Archives, since it is one one of the issues promoted by Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta, because he not only talks about responsibility as public officials, but also helps to respond promptly to those signs that the administration may make.

Hill Mayoral stressed that new ways of doing things must be generated, therefore the importance of complying with this obligation and of this work that does good to municipalities and their administrations, in addition to taking the commitment to continue adding for a new way of government that the people of Puebla demand.

Mayors, general secretaries and/or area directors of the municipalities of Acteopan, Ahuehuetitla, Albino Zertuche, Altepexi, Amixtlán, Atzitzihuacan, Axutla, Ayotoxco de Guerrero, Chalchicomula de Sesma, Chiautla de Tapia, Chignahutla, Cohuecan, Coxcatlán, General Felipe Ángeles , Guadalupe, Hueyapan, Hueytlalpan, Jolalpan, Los Reyes de Juárez, Maxapiltepec de Juárez, Mixtla, Nauzontla, Ocoyucan, Oriental, Petlalcingo, San Antonio Cañada, San Gregorio Atzompan, Tehuitzingo, Tepemaxalco, Tepeojuma, Tianguismanalco, Tilapa, Tlacuilotepec, Tlanepantla, Tlaola, Tlatlauquitepec, Xiutetelco, Zacapala, Zacapoaxtla, Zapotitlán, Zaragoza and Zautla, received information on: Legal Framework, Administrative Infractions and File Offenses, Obligations, and Work Plan Proposal.

Also present at the training were the legal undersecretary of SEGOB, Arturo Madrid Echegaray, and the head of the General State Archive, Guadalupe Pérez Vargas.

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