Tata Motors: Small scale industries urge PCMC to rescind Rs 259 crore tax notice

The Pimpri-Chinchwad Small and Medium Scale Industries Association has asked the Municipal Commissioner to revoke its notification to the car goliath, Tata Motors, about non-installment of local charge.

In a reminder submitted to the magistrate, Rajesh Patil, the Association said the metro body ought not make an air which would drive ventures to migrate to different spots.

Half a month prior, the local charge branch of the urban body had blamed the auto goliath for not permitting its staff to enter the company’s premises to survey the right measure of local charge to be exacted. The city body had felt free to slap a notification of Rs 259 crore for undeclared developments on its premises. The organization has denied all charges required against them.

The appointment, which saw Sandeep Belsare, president and secretary, Jayant Kad, asked the official to make strides which would take into consideration improvement of businesses.

Goodbye Motors, they brought up, had set up its plant in 1960s, when the municipal body was only an assortment of towns. The car goliath was instrumental in urbanization of the space and advancement of Pimpri-Chinchwad as a modern municipality.

Pimpri-Chinchwad, Belsare and others said, has 10,000-12,000 little and medium scale businesses of which 60% are subject to Tata Motors. The monster on its own representatives 3,000 individuals. Sellers, sub merchants and the workers make good on local charge and other expenses to the organization. Thus, this area is a significant income hotspot for the company.

Any transition to destabilize the mechanical air of the municipality, the Association said, will have a staggering impact here. This activity on Tata Motors can convey wrong motions toward different businesses and can prompt movement of other corporate monsters from here. PCMC has offered 21 days to the Tata Motors to response to their notification. “We encourage you to repeal the notification this would be the best thing to do,” they said.

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