The Ministry of Education appoints the new general director of the BINE

The agency’s office manager, José Luis Sorcia Ramírez, mentioned that he will encourage managers not to remain in office for more than five years .


The person in charge of the office of the Ministry of Education, José Luis Sorcia Ramírez, appointed Norma Nava Ramírez as general director of the Benemérito Normal State Institute (BINE) “Gral. Juan Crisóstomo Bonilla”. In the act, he pointed out that every institution must be renewed and that he will promote that managers do not remain in office for more than five years.

The official recognized and thanked the support of those who were in charge during the previous period and of those who will assume the new position. He said that the unit began a process of renewal of personnel from different areas in order to improve thinking, ideas and programs to take advantage of the talent of the workers and, with this, the educational institutions evolve.

Norma Nava Ramírez graduated with a degree in Physical Education from BINE, with a master’s degree in Educational Development from the University of Puebla and a doctorate in Education from the Popular Autonomous University of Puebla (UPAEP); She was a teacher at the “José María Morelos y Pavón” School, she is a member of the BINE research area, as well as coordinator of the Internationalization Program of the Postgraduate Center of the same institution, among other positions.

In the BINE meeting room, Sorcia Ramírez also protested against Lilia Verónica Aguilar Zaldívar, as deputy general academic director; Margarita Lucas Flores, coordinator of the Graduate Center; Raúl Amigón García, coordinator of the degree in Initial Education; Hadi Santillana Romero, coordinator of the degree in Preschool Education and María Patricia Sánchez Bautista, coordinator of the degree in Primary Education.

Also to José Andrés Serna Lanz, as coordinator of the degree in Teaching and Learning at Telesecundaria; Ricardo Felipe Condado Díaz, coordinator of the degree in Physical Education and Yussel Salas Vázquez, coordinator of the degree in Educational Inclusion.

The dependency maintains its commitment to the community by proposing women and men with adequate capacities for the performance of the position.

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