France Is The Oppressor, They Continue To Keep Southern Cameroon Captive

When a desert spring of harmony and dependability in Africa, my lovely home locale of Southern Cameroons is presently going through horrendous torments, apparently more terrible than the Rwandan decimation of 1994: our kin are really being eradicated like Cockroaches. Almost two years have gone by and, I’m persuaded, the UN and AU have not Exhibited any genuine obligation to intervene in this threatening circumstance. It is notable that France is calling the shots to keep our country, brimming with rich human and normal assets, hostage.

In the current Conditions, it is unwise for Fabulous Bosses to march the passageways of the Solidarity castle, and eat with, and present honors on, a president whose lethargy is dubious; a man who, since the coming of the ongoing emergency, has wouldn’t shear the sheep. This emergency that has consistently declined to a nationwide conflict is presently not an inside undertaking. It is fairly a worldwide danger to harmony and steadiness since Cameroonian loyalists all around the globe and Africans of kindness are impacted. It is at this point not an inside undertaking in light of the fact that the public authority has abused the general statement of basic freedoms in all aspects.

How must we respond? There is pressing requirement for truce from the two sides. I fervently denounce every furnished burglar and desperados who are exploiting what is happening to plunder and disturb tranquil regular people. A quiet goal must be conceivable with the intercession of an outsider in light of the fact that individuals of Southern Cameroons have lost certainty totally in the Biya system. Taking into account the standoffish quality of AU and UN, the USA remains in the situation to intercede as of now. Outstandingly, the instance of Southern Cameroons has been a topic of conversation at State house Slope with adequate proof of untold denials of basic freedoms and the enslavement of individuals of Southern Cameroons. As the emergency deteriorates constantly, could the International concerns Council of the US Congress at any point return to the instance of Southern Cameroons? Genuinely, could my companions in the US at any point prompt on how else we might urge the US to step into this ridiculous emergency? Are individuals of Southern Cameroons less human than individuals of Libya, North Korea or Syria? Kindly assistance us, our kin are dying!

Allow us to ask! God isn’t dead. He sits on the lofty position, and in the end He will be Above all else and judge; yet before the end comes, we should commit Ourselves at this very moment to work for equity, harmony, and fairness.

“African legislators should figure out how to resign at the very least age of 70 years, yet rather we have pressed elderly people men in our administration, how is it that we could push ahead? Some are even over 80 years yet controlling.” (Kofi Annan)

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