2021 Adnkronos Survey : Europeans, National team promoted by 72% Italians: Emg

The Italians like Roberto Mancini’s public group. More than 70% advance the Azzurri after the principal match against Turkey. Not just that, 42% figure that Italy can win the Europeans. This is the thing that rises up out of an Emg-Different overview for Adnkronos. When asked ‘do you like Mancini’s Italy’, 13% of the example addressed ‘a great deal’, 59%’, ‘accordingly acquiring the absolute of those blessing to 72%. Only 14% of negative reactions: 8% ‘little’; 6% ‘not in any manner’ (14% doesn’t show any inclination). Among the individuals who judge the public group decidedly, men (79%) beat ladies (66%). In the division by age bunch, it is noticed that among those in favor, the figure ascends among the more than 55 (78%), while it stays in accordance with the normal for the under 35s (70%) and for the 35-54 age bunch. (67%). In geographic conveyance, the National group is more mainstream in the Center (80%) and the South (77%). Following, the Northeast (70%); the Islands (69%) and the Northwest (67%). When asked ‘as you would see it who will win the European Championships’, 42% of the example addressed Italy. Following, extremely far separated, France at 15%, England at 12%, Belgium at 9%, Germany at 5%, Holland at 3%, Spain at 2%, Portugal at 1% (other 2%, no sign 9% ). The study, agent of the Italian grown-up populace by sex, age, district, class of segment sufficiency of the regions, was done on June 14, 2021 with the technique for telematic study on a board, on an example of 1,435 cases (universe: Italian populace grown-up) and has a positive/negative certainty time period. Absolute contacts: 2,000, 72% reaction rate; squander/substitutions 565 (squander rate 28%).

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