Best Five boxers to watch out for at Tokyo Olympics


The essence of the mission to get ladies’ enclosing to the Games and flyweight bronze medallist at London 2012, the 38-year-old mother of four is set for her Olympic swansong.

The diminutive fighter is perhaps the most embellished ladies contenders in the novice game with a record six big showdowns titles, the remainder of which came in 2018. She has additionally won gold decorations at the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games.


Regardless of whether he winds up battling at light-heavyweight or heavyweight in Tokyo, La Cruz is consistently worth looking for the unmistakable protective procedure that procured him the moniker ‘La Sombra’, or ‘the Shadow’.

The slippery 31-year-old, who won gold in Rio and four beginner world titles at light-heavyweight, lowers his defenses and welcomes his adversaries on prior to utilizing his physicality to steer far removed of the punches that come his direction.


Zoirov won flyweight gold as Uzbekistan bested the confining awards table Rio and subsequent to winning the 2019 world title and his initial three expert battles will be back in the Olympic ring to safeguard his title.

Southpaw ‘Shakho’, who attempts to imitate his saint Muhammad Ali with his footwork and ringcraft, fires fast body-head mixes prior to taking off out of reach.


The 25-year-old middleweight qualified for Tokyo last year and will want to procure the Philippines its first historically speaking Olympic gold award.

Marcial has definitely drawn correlations with his country’s most noteworthy fighter, Manny Pacquiao, and has been planning under the tutelage of the numerous title holder’s mentor Freddie Roach subsequent to turning proficient last year.


The authoritative world and European Games heavyweight champion, Price is resolved to continue in the strides of pioneer Nicola Adams by winning boxing gold for Britain.

A previous best on the planet kickboxer and worldwide soccer player for Wales, the 26-year-old compensates for her generally short height by utilizing smart footwork and quick hands to score focuses on the counter.

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