Cricket: After Taliban came into Kabul, we asked ICC to help us but nothing happened: Afghanistan cricketer Roya Samim

With Afghanistan in a condition of disturbance because of the Taliban takeover, cricketer Roya Samim said she is as yet hanging tight for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to react to how things represent her and her partners’ cricketing future. She is additionally incredibly stressed over the destiny of her colleagues who have been abandoned. “My different colleagues who stay in Afghanistan are apprehensive, they stay in their homes,” she uncovered to the Guardian.

“We as a whole messaged the ICC yet got no reaction from them,” says Samim. “For what reason do they not react to us, for what reason do they not think about us, even treat us that we don’t exist on the planet? After the Taliban came into Kabul, we mentioned that [the ICC] if it’s not too much trouble, save every one of the young ladies, we are concerned for our colleagues. The Afghan Cricket Board [ACB] likewise said nothing, they said just: ‘Stand by.'”

The ICC, be that as it may, have denied getting any mail.

With her country shredded and her fantasies gradually disappearing, Samim is carrying on with her life as a displaced person in Canada with her two sisters, who are likewise cricketers in the Afghan ladies’ group.

Leaving Afghanistan, it was a pitiful day for me. I just cried,” she said. “I truly love all that I had: my work, my cricket, my colleagues, my old neighborhood, my family members. All that I have, I abandon. Indeed, even presently when I recall this day I will cry,” she told the Guardian.

Left without anyone else with no US troops in the country since 2001, there is by all accounts no reason to have hope for the Afghans as they must choose the option to observe a dim piece of their set of experiences rehash the same thing. Under the Taliban rule, there was a bad situation for training for ladies and their privileges.

They were not permitted out of the house except if wearing a burqa and in the friendship of a male family member. Game was not feasible and however the Taliban have not offered a conclusive expression about the fate of female cooperation, Samim isn’t confident: “The Taliban are against young ladies contemplating, so how would they need a young lady’s cricket crew?” she said.

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