Cricket: Women scorers pair for India-New Zealand Test at Wankhede stadium

In what will be an uncommon sight, two ladies scorers will help the columnists in the Press Box during the second Test among India and New Zealand.

The last Test starts on Friday. The two female scorers who will perform the scoring responsibilities at Wankhede are Kshama Sane and Sushma Sawant.

“Perhaps interestingly it is going on that two ladies scorers are there for a Test match, a senior Mumbai Cricket Association scorer told PTI.

Kshama, 45, hails from rural Nahur and passed the BCCI Women’s extraordinary cluster scoring test in 2010 and from that point forward she is scoring in IPL and Ranji Trophy games. She has scored for bounty senior and junior games throughout the previous eleven years and is one of the main scorers in the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA).

Kshama has played for the U-15 level for Mumbai during the 1990s and played for two competitions and afterward left cricket. In 1996, there was an umpire’s course and she passed that however didn’t take it up professionally.

In 2006, she finished the MCA scorer test. She had before worked in three organizations however found employment elsewhere in 2018 to seek after an undeniable profession scoring. On my own front, I’m the lone offspring of my folks. My mom was the person who was enthusiastic about getting me into cricket since early on of 11 years.

“I used to go for training at Mrs Surekha Bhandare’s instructing club from age 11 to 15. My mom worked for the Maharashtra government and father is an artist, who plays drums, Kshama told PTI over phone.

50-year-old Sushma, who lives in rural Chembur, passed the BCCI ladies’ extraordinary scoring course in 2010 and started working with the Women’s World Cup in 2013. From that point forward she hasn’t thought back and has scored for a plenty of IPL, BCCI, homegrown, junior and senior matches.

Sushma’s significant other is a previous neighborhood cricketer and she took to scoring as a leisure activity. She filled in as a bookkeeper in the Hindustan Apparel Industry and after she left the work, she required a one year hole prior to functioning as a full time scorer.

“I appreciate cricket and I am invigorated for itself and interestingly I am doing a Test match. Ladies have a great deal of degree in scoring, a thrilled Sushma told PTI.

In the past, the pair of Hemali Desai and Sejal Dave from Saurashtra, have been the other ladies’ pair to have scored for a Test match.

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