Olympics Neeraj Tejaswin: He may be an Olympic champion but I still dread sharing a room

Toward the beginning of today when I was sleeping, I got a video call from Wayne Lombard, a dear companion and logical consultant of the Indian ladies’ hockey group. I got Wayne Bhai’s call and saw a grinning Neeraj with an award around his neck. I was still half-snoozing and briefly thought it was a fantasy. I immediately went to the restroom and washed my face and applied some baby powder. “Bhai tu soh raha tha na?” (You were dozing?), Neeraj asked me. “Obviously, you’ll discover the vast majority snoozing at six AM,” I answered.

In any case, I was contacted. I’m not an enthusiastic individual but rather had tears in my eyes which I attempted best to cover up with a little assistance of the powder. Neeraj took me through his tosses. I was possibly concerned in case he was OK in light of the fact that get-togethers fourth toss, he was by all accounts in some inconvenience. I was calmed when he revealed to me he was fine.

He is altogether different from us. Envision he has won India’s first-historically speaking sports award yet he’s revealing to me that he’s inclination awful for (Johannes) Vetter. He’s one of those people who can never deny you in case you’re his companion. I recollect him revealing to me once that a many individuals had acquired cash from him and that he’s not wanted to make a note or a rundown. I sincerely feel he’s excessively pleasant to his benefit.


The second Neeraj fixed the gold, I had a surge of adrenaline and, in all honesty, I went down on the floor and did 20 push-ups. I was so siphoned up that Paris 2024 was at that point running to me.

In 2016 get-togethers Junior World Championship gold award, I was going for a stroll with Neeraj at the JSW offices in Bellary. I asked him how he’s managed all the prize cash or on the other hand in case he’s gotten an administration work. He didn’t appear to be keen on the discussion at all and was broadening his arm and doing this bizarre toss activity. I asked him, “What’s going on with you? For what reason aren’t you reacting?” He answered, “You know, I can without much of a stretch add another two meters on the off chance that I get my square (the augmentation of his left leg at the mark of delivery) right. I understood that day that cash and acknowledgment don’t make any difference to him. He had his eyes set on working on himself. From that day, he turned into an individual I gazed upward to.

In any case, I think he owes me something. After his World junior award, his Instagram got overwhelmed with messages, particularly from ladies. In spite of the fact that he wasn’t keen on any of them, for the wellbeing of civility, he requested that I answer to them. He mentioned to me what he needed me to write in Hindi and I would wrap up.

Companions forever

We even shared a space for 15 days in Bangalore. Truly, he might be an Olympic hero now yet I actually fear imparting a space to him. He’s a bit complicated. On the off chance that you go into his room, you’ll discover his garments drying on the bed or his socks in the room. I remained silent to him since imparting a space to Neeraj was something enormous for me. We reinforced over singed rice and matka kulfi for the following fortnight. The solitary young men’s discussion we had was about computer games. He was obsessed with Mini Militia then, at that point and presently he’s into PubG. I’ll inquire as to whether has a sweetheart when I meet him sometime later.

We talked before the capability round and he educated me concerning how his body was feeling like. I just knew without a doubt that he would win a decoration. After the fourth round, I was on my feet shuddering in anxious fervor. I have not seen PT Usha ma’am or (GS) Randhawa sir yet I have seen Neeraj and I am honored to be brought into the world in this age.

I met Neeraj without precedent for a blockhead testing room back in 2015 and had no clue about what his identity was. I resembled, who is this person with long hair? We talked and later traded numbers. Our genuine holding occurred during the 2016 South Asian Games. We both were among the most youthful competitors and I was learning about a bit of spot as I didn’t have any companions. I addressed Neeraj and he disclosed to me that I have a place here and like different competitors, I also have satisfied the capability guideline to be there.

That is the place where our fellowship started and it didn’t take long for it to bloom into fraternity.

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