Sports: Wonderful sign that our medal-winners coming from different parts of country

Head administrator Narendra Modi communicated joy on Tuesday over the way that India’s award champs, be it in the Olympics or Paralympics, are coming from various pieces of the nation which, he said, is a magnificent sign.

He mentioned the observable fact, sources said, while addressing Mariyappan Thangavelu and Sharad Kumar over phone as he complimented them on winning silver and bronze awards separately in the men’s high leap T42 occasion at the Tokyo Paralympics.

India’s decoration count at the Paralympics contacted an uncommon 10, riding on a reliably breathtaking olympic style sports execution.

Modi told the two competitors that these decorations are the result of their consistent difficult work.

Kumar told the PM that he got extraordinary motivation from him as he has taken exceptional consideration to empower para-competitors, which is an incredible sign, sources said.

He likewise reviewed that Modi frequently enquired about his prosperity when he was preparing in Ukaraine.

The TOPS plan of the public authority was additionally valued.

After their triumphant presentation, Modi tweeted, “The unyielding @sharad_kumar01 has welcomed blesses the essences of each Indian by winning the Bronze Medal. His life excursion will inspire many. Congrats to him.”

He said in another tweet, “Taking off ever more elevated! Mariyappan Thangavelu is inseparable from consistence and greatness. Congrats to him for winning the Silver Medal. India is glad for his accomplishment.”

Modi had before in the day addressed Singhraj Adhana and complimented him on winning the bronze award in the Tokyo Paralympics.

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