Volleyball : What You Need to Do to Perform a Successful Quick Set

A very much run fast set in volleyball can do incredible things for a group’s resolve and eagerness. Getting the play right, however, takes a couple of key components.

A decent pass

Set forth plainly, you can’t run a speedy set on the off chance that you don’t have a decent pass. What precisely establishes a decent pass relies upon the players in question. For more youthful and additionally less experienced groups great methods pretty much awesome. The ball should be near the net and close to the center. As you advance toward more elevated levels of play and more athletic players, the accuracy of the passes turns out to be less significant as the players are better ready to change and execute. That considers passes fairly off the net and away from the center.


In the event that the hitter isn’t up on schedule, regardless of how great the pass is, the fast set will not work. The most successive reason for blunders on the fast assault is the hitter not being up on schedule. The specific planning relies upon components, for example, the kind of speedy assault being utilized and the rhythm of the offense (further developed groups will in general run quicker quicks than lower level ones). This is something that can just truly be created through redundancy – ideally in game-like circumstances.

A casual setter

Legitimate execution of a fast assault requires a setter who is will remain in and convey the ball. This is something which sets aside effort to create as setters new to the speedy assault are frequently terrified – fundamentally of getting arrived behind schedule by the center hitter it appears. Setting a fast assault, especially the center speedy, is a hard thing to prepare with simply the ball. This can really be something to be thankful for, however, in light of the fact that it powers the setter to become accustomed to the closeness of the hitter and instructs them to believe that their colleague will not run them over (likely). The certainty which creates from that point will likewise assist them with loosening up ball contact since beside needing to flee, new fast setters are frequently seen to poke at the ball.

Situational and square mindfulness

The tendency of setters, especially unpracticed ones, is to attempt to set the fast at whatever point they get a decent pass. At lower levels of play this may work out fine and dandy. As players advance, however, the obstructing turns out to be better and more ready to close down the center speedy. Accordingly, the setter should know about the circumstance to realize whether setting the speedy is actually the best thing to do, or whether to simply utilize the fast assault alternative as a distraction. Experience will have an influence in this, however it is additionally something the mentor needs to assist the setter with learning.

On the off chance that your group can assemble these four things, they will actually want to run successful speedy assaults. It will take a reasonable piece of training to hit the nail on the head, and maybe significantly greater consolation to get them to face the challenge in real game circumstances. A tad of achievement, however, will go far in making them anxious to do what’s expected to pull it off routinely.

John Forman, creator of the Coaching Volleyball blog, is an accomplished mentor and volleyball program director. Nowadays he carries out his specialty training at the college and upper National Volleyball League levels in England and talking with clubs on authoritative issues while pursuing his PhD. Already he trained at the NCAA Division I level and in the Juniors positions. John consistently shares considerations and his instructing encounters on Twitter at @CoachingVB.

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