What is the Difference Between Racquetball Balls?

Step by step instructions to Choose a Racquetball

So you’re befuddled by all the different variety racquetballs out there. Well who isn’t? We’re here to attempt to make sense of a portion of the fundamental distinctions between the various kinds of racquetballs that are being created.

Blue Racquetballs

Blue is the standard racquetball tone. This demonstrates a typical speed and bob. Ektelon, ProKennex and Penn make a blue racquetball. These balls have Comparative rates, albeit the Ektelon Premium Select and ProKennex balls appears to have more bob. The Penn Super Blue Racquetball is the most well known racquetball among sporting players.

Red Racquetballs

Red racquetballs come in two flavors: Penn Ballistic 2.0 and the Ektelon Fireball (ProKennex makes an Orange Ball that is comparative). These balls are the quickest and heaviest balls out there. Their speed and variety make them particularly fantastic for open air play. The Ektelon Fireball Racquetball is the authority wad of World Outside Racquetball (WOR).

Purple and Green Racquetballs

The purple and green balls are Penn’s Star Penn line of racquetballs. These balls play quicker than blue, yet entirely not so quick as the red. These balls are very vivacious in the court and are standard gear all things considered authorized competitions. Many individuals favor the purple ball as a result of it’s upgraded perceivability on the court. The Ace Penn HD Racquetball is the authority bundle of the Global Racquetball Visit (IRT).
Dark Racquetballs

Ektelon has a line of exemplary dark racquetballs. These balls imitate the more seasoned style of racquetball that was more slow, lighter and milder. The play of this ball can frequently prompt longer energizes and is famous among senior players. The Ektelon Exemplary Dark Racquetball is the authority chunk of the Exemplary Genius Racquetball Visit (CPRT).
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