Argentina: The Government signed an agreement to access information from undeclared accounts of Argentines in the United States

Finally, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, signed on Monday the tax information exchange agreement With the United States and the national government, it will send to Congress a money laundering bill, with the aim of having it approved before the end of the current year.

“It is a very important day as a government and as a country. We are launching a mechanism, an agreement, that for many years, Argentina tried to carry out in agreement with the United States,” Massa said in an act attended by the ambassador of United States in Argentina, Marc Stanley.

The minister began by saying that the mechanism that is being put in place now is one that Argentina tried to carry out with the United States for many years, “We are taking a step that took a long time,” he stressed.

“This is an agreement of mutual trust and cooperation. It is a huge gesture of confidence from the United States,” said the official in an act at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK).

Massa also maintained that the government does not want “Argentines to use the financial system of the United States to use it as a tax haven to evade their obligations to the Argentine tax authorities.”

The official specified that it is a “massive agreement” and those who have signed their declaration of foreigners at the time of depositing their money in an account in the United States will be reached.

“This makes for fiscal transparency. We do not seek to persecute anyone. We seek that the Argentine who complies with their obligations is not mocked by the one who finds avoidance mechanisms through tax havens (…) who does not feel a fool who complies with his obligations,” said the minister.

Massa also made it clear that the strengthening of foreign currency reserves is one of the objectives that the Government has in mind when signing this agreement with the United States.

“This system will allow us to obtain all the information with which we intend to build a way for them to externalize, to launder in Argentina, with the idea of ​​also generating investment conditions and some externalization conditions that encourage the strengthening of our reserves “, he explained.

The minister also intends the tax collection agencies to break “with the hunt in the zoo. The Afip is going to look for those who did not pay, those who evaded, to try to reduce the burden on those who comply and They pay their taxes every day.

“When we raise the fiscal order as a guiding principle of economic policy, we raise it in the care of public accounts,” Massa emphasized.

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