Ministry of Tourism offers training in municipalities on biocultural tourism experiences

Service providers from municipalities such as Zacapoaxtla, Cuetzalan, Huehuetla, Huitzilan de Serdán and Hueyapan participated .

With the objective of generating alliances and promoting the integration of value chains between producers and providers of tourist services belonging to the Coffee Route, Sierra Nororiental circuit, the Ministry of Tourism offered the course “Design of biocultural tourist experience for the Coffee Route ”, in which 51 people participated.

Hilda Aguilar Garduño, director of Tourism Training, reported that hoteliers, restaurateurs, tour operators, cabin owners, ecotourism centers, tourist guides, artisans, and traditional cooks from Zacapoaxtla, Cuetzalan, Huehuetla, Huitzilan de Serdán, Hueyapan, Zoquiapan, Tlatlauquitepec, and Tochimilco , received, during the 15 hours of the course, tools to learn about post-COVID-19 tourism trends, generation of unique and memorable authentic experiences, as well as means to generate alliances and promote the integration of value chains.

This training, included in the Annual Training Program of the Tourism Training Directorate, was offered in this municipality as part of the policy of direct attention to citizens implemented by the administration headed by Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta.

Fernando Rivera Cortés, a hiking and environmental interpretation guide in Zacapoaxtla, considered that this type of training will help them offer better services to tourist visitors, since it allowed them to update themselves on tourism trends after the pandemic, but, above all, Weave support and collaboration networks with other tourist service providers.

For her part, Gabriela Díaz Sánchez, representative of a farm in Apulco, thanked the agency for providing spaces for the professionalization and training of the sector, regardless of the area of ​​the state where the businesses are located.

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