The hermitage of La Lugareja in Arévalo belongs to the Church: the Supreme settles a 200-year fight

This suit originates from the course of disentailment of Chapel properties during the nineteenth century A new request from the High Court sanctions the choice gave by the Audiencia de Ávila The withdrawal of La Lugareja, proclaimed a verifiable imaginative landmark on June 4, 1931, It was inherent the twelfth 100 years. The High Court has endorsed that the Ward of Ávila is the genuine proprietor of the withdrawal of La Lugareja (twelfth 100 years), the main leftover of an old religious community disentailed in the nineteenth hundred years and situated on a confidential property,

under a kilometer from the metropolitan area of Arévalo. A new request from the High Court sanctions the decision gave by the Audiencia de Ávila in July 2020 to affirm that the See of Ávila is the proprietor of the seclusion of the Asunción de Nuestra Señora de Gómez Román, genuine name of this Mudejar sanctuary famously known as La Lugareja. Along these lines, the High Court concurs with the Common Court when multiple s a long time back, it disavowed the sentence gave by the Court of First Occasion and Guidance number 1 of Arévalo, in January 2020, which perceived the confidential responsibility for sanctuary. , will introduce unprecedented allures for procedural and cassation encroachment before the Common Office of the High Court, which the last option has “dismissed”, sources from the Ward of Ávila announced this Tuesday. The High Court choice pronounces the judgment of the Commonplace Court firm of Ávila and stops a question that started quite a while back between the Precinct and a person who guaranteed his property. This question is gotten from the course of disentailment of the properties of the Congregation during the nineteenth 100 years, so the way that it was disentailed The domain on which this seclusion is found – El Lugarejo-, doesn’t infer that the sanctuary was dependent upon seizure, nor was it thusly sold. Verifiable imaginative landmark Withdrawal of La Lugareja, proclaimed a memorable creative landmark on June 4, 1931, was inherent the twelfth hundred years and the part that is as yet saved relates to what was once the top of the congregation of the Cistercian religious community of St Nick María de Gómez Román. This community was deserted around 1240 by its tenants and given over to nuns of the Cistercian request. It has a triple apse beautified with a progression of curves and on the transept there is a vault mounted within founded on an arch on pendentives, designed outwardly by a progression of seven block curves on each façade.

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