The images of the Melilla tragedy that question the version that migrants did not die in Spanish territory

The youngsters broke an entryway and there was a torrential slide with passings, as per UP and Bildu representatives, in the Spanish functional zone Inside keeps up with that there were no passings in Spanish region In the pictures, they are seen breaking the wall that gives admittance to the Spanish zone , however the ethereal cameras didn’t have perceivability of the interiorMediaset has gotten to four recordings recorded by rambles and

by Spanish helicopters on June 24 in the Chinese neighborhood of Melilla, where no less than 23 youthful transients kicked the bucket, in a torrential slide while attempting to get to A spanish area, what is as of now known as the Melilla misfortune and that somewhat recently has cornered Fernando Grande Marlaska, from all sides: the solicitation for the presence of the PP, shared for the second by Bildu, and the solicitation for an examination commission of Joined We Can. Altogether, three minutes of pictures that, along with a visit to the field and the clarifications of the Common Watchman, lead the delegates of different gatherings of the Inside Commission to certify that the youngsters kicked the bucket an in Spanish area or if nothing else constrained by Spanish specialists. . Inquiries of cadastre, regional cessions, and terms, permit the two players to keep up with their forms. Inside demands that no traveler kicked the bucket in Spain. What the pictures show provides us with a thought of what the space resembles and what might have occurred. The placeIt is a line crossing, with a Moroccan hindrance. When you go through, you come to a deck that, as per the inside, is as yet the property of the Alahuí Realm. Toward the finish of that porch there is another wall, that gives admittance to another deck where the Spanish machines are as of now. All things considered, subsequent to crossing the porch, a gathering of travelers hurled themselves against that subsequent wall, radio close by, and figured out how to break it. By then, youthful Saharawis started to gather together and there, in a subsequent yard, the passings happened. The conversation is regardless of whether that is a now Spanish area. The Marlaska service demands that they were a few meters from the Spanish zone. Furthermore, the cameras don’t complete the process of demonstrating neither one, in light of the fact that the walls keep there from being pictures of that second in the Spanish region. Representatives from Joined We Can and Bildu think of it as a reality that it is a functional region of the Spanish Common Watchman and accept that it is important to research what occurred or even, on account of Bildu, that Marlaska should give clarifications in Congress. After the main information of the misfortune, the tempest appeared to have lessened, yet a BBC narrative, last week, restored it, expressing that the dead were not 23, however 24 and that there were 70 missing. Not just that, the most serious allegation is that there were carcasses in the Spanish zone that were hauled to Morocco. Something else that Inside completely dismisses. However, it is likewise a fact that the Spanish specialists endured three hours watching the individuals who had been blocked and sent back to Morocco, the well known hot returns. They guaranteed the delegates that during that time, they didn’t understand where passings happened and that when they returned there was nobody there.

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