World: Swaminarayan Temple Vandalised In Australia’s Melbourne: Report

Patel, a passerby who would rather not uncover his most memorable name told The Australia Today, how he saw the vandalized walls of the sanctuary when he visited the site today. BAPS Swaminarayan Sanctuary in the Plant park area of Melbourne was supposedly vandalized by enemies of India components with enemies of India trademarks were composed on the walls of the sanctuary, situated in the suburb of Factory Park, The Australia Today detailed.
Patel, a spectator who would rather not uncover his most memorable name told The Australia Today, how he saw the vandalized walls of the sanctuary when he visited the site today.

“At the point when I arrived at the sanctuary today morning all walls were shaded with spray painting of Khalistani disdain towards Hindus.” The Australia Today cited Patel as saying.

He added, “I’m furious, frightened and unnerved by the conspicuous showcase of strict contempt towards the quiet Hindu people group by Khalistan allies.”

Giving a proclamation to The Australia Today, BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir expressed that they are “profoundly disheartened and stunned by these destructive incidents and disdain.”

It said that they have stayed focused on “serene concurrence and exchange to all religions.”

BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir further said that they have informed the specialists in regards to the episode, according to The Australia Today report.

In the mean time, Australian State head Anthony Albanese in a video message has broadened “hottest wishes” to Pramukh Master Maharaj ji and the BAPS association upon his 100th birth commemoration.

The video message of the Albanese has been shared by Australia’s High Magistrate to India, Barry O’Farrell.

“Your Sacredness Mahant Master Maharaj for all Australians, I send my hottest wants to you and BAPS association for the 100th commemoration of the introduction of His Heavenliness Pramukh Master Maharaj,” said Australian State leader Anthony Albanese.

He further added, “I honor his heritage, his message of serving those‚Ķsomething we can all make progress toward and as he said, in the delight of others, lies our procure. This heritage lives on here in Australia.”

Anthony Albanese said that Australia is glad for the BAPS people group which has fabricated sanctuaries the country over in the “most extravagant Australian culture.” He further said, “I anticipate the fulfillment of the huge new BAPS sanctuary in Sydney.”

Besides, he said that India and Australia share an obligation of companionship and considered the Australian Indian people group an “significant patron” to the ties between the two countries.

While sharing the video, Barry O’Farrell in a tweet stated, “His Sacredness Pramukh Master Maharaj ji’s tradition of administration has contacted the existences of millions and lives on in. It was my distinction to pass a message from my State head @AlboMP on to stamp @BAPS’ centennial festivals of Pramukh Master Maharaj’s introduction to the world. PM’s Video message (1/2).”

Barry O’Farrell further expressed, “I was additionally lucky to visit the Pramukh Master Nagar – what a #IncredibleIndia experience.”

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